Esther Mukabi

Red Sky At Night - Poem by Esther Mukabi

As you look around the desolate waste,
You don’t remember how sweet the air was. Once.
You can’t remember roses and lilac any more.
Why don’t you cry out, no one will hear you?

Where are you great world leaders who led us here?
Blaming one another for the problems each faced.
Where is your mother? Your sister? Your father?
You can let go now, no one will see you.

City after city reduced to rubble.
Not so ‘Great’ Britain now.
What of the children, the innocents?

Don’t tell me you care for them.

Your tears spill onto the floor.
Catch them, water is precious.
You say Long Live The Queen,
Defend the Empire. Defend the Faith.

Why, in a fit of childish temper,
Must the whole world suffer as one?
So many questions no one can answer.
Cry out your pain, no one will hold you.

Do you think this is worthwhile,
In your shelters, fed, watered and warm?
Do you embrace this new age?
Do you stand proud?

So now my children beg me for food,
I send them to you.
Now they beg me to stop their pain,
I send them to you.

Now they simply ask me why,
I send them to you.

I send to you my babies,
So you can tell them how ‘We Won The War’.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, December 9, 2009

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