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Remember - Poem by Michael P. McParland

Remember sweet Kira that you are so deeply loved,
you are so cared for and treasured
and you are not alone now nor will you ever be again.
Remember that you are a gift and a blessing
and one of Gods most beautiful and special Angels.
You hold such love and hopeful light
that I know through your many selfless actions in life
you've saved not just me but more than a few others as well
and I guarantee that even though they maybe poor
at showing their loving gratitude
they are so thankful I feel it inside.
You are so very beautiful and these are some things
God wants you to know and so do I.

Remember I'm here and you I will never abandon,
I will stand by your side hand in hand
giving all of my endless support and love.
Never forget that if you want or need me
at any time I am right here to help you,
talk to, or do whatever it is you want and need me too
and it doesn't matter what time that you call.
Always remember your Michael is here.

Remember you are my hero and I want to
be yours as well my best friend,
you don't have super powers and that's what makes
you so very stupendous and wonderful.
It's the way that you've fought through so much
with your iron will mixed with steel and determination.
You've told me you're not tough but I've seen
the great power you're made of and that's just one part
of why my heart, soul, and me as a whole are in awe of you.
This isn't worship but my releasing my depths
of care and feeling with my thoughts added in
as I tell you to remember that you are so special.

Others have mistreated you and taken your love
while giving so little and as you described it once
mostly those bits of love you get in the night
which with so very many is a selfish act.
Remember I love you and hold so very much love
I want to share with and give you.
I have never been loved myself in such a way
as I've spent my life alone so I know your pain.
I also know that you love me just as I love you dear
and I would never have it from any other woman, man,
or something if I had a choice.
I only want you remember that dear
because you are my Angel and beautiful sacred Queen.

Kira I know you've seen and been through some
harrowing struggles both internally and externally as well,
and while I know next to no details
I have my intuition so strong and I know
how you feel and some of what you've faced more than you know.
Remember my dear I'm here to help and listen,
I will never judge you or cast you down
in anyway as a beautiful woman and person.
You will always be my pure Queen so completely
wonderful and gorgeous.
I'm here to help you and listen.
Remember your Michael just wants to be with you
giving you the best of my everything.
I want to help you heal all of the wounds and scars
that you have taken.

Remember sweet Kira that I am so deeply and truly sorry
for any and all harms I have ever caused you.
From harsh words and actions to you in fights we have had
to lashing out at others that you care for and love.
To know I have so badly hurt you and made you cry
has made me wish I could just die as it makes me feel
so very sick, sorrowful, and to the depths of despair inside.
Remember and know my sweet one I beat myself up
and hate myself in those deeds because you truly are
my only love and everything.

So as I close this dear remember these things
that you are a diamond, a jewel, a rare and precious gem
among the often ugly and cruel rough of this world.
My words are heart and soul felt
and things I want to tell you as you need to hear.
I adore you my darling and I always will
and please remember I want to be your faithful,
dedicated and ever loving husband for eternity.

Topic(s) of this poem: true love

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Truly Kira I mean all these things and I know God needs and wants you to hear them. Remember you are an amazing and wonderful woman who I love more than anyone or anything and I will stand by you forever and ever. Now I think you can see why this was a hard one to get going on. When I hit the right opening everything else just poured out. I love you my sweet darling Angel so very much. ILYF

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