Robert Louis Stevenson

(1850-1894 / Edinburgh / Scotland)

Requiem - Poem by Robert Louis Stevenson

Under the wide and starry sky
Dig the grave and let me lie.
Glad did I live and gladly die,
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Comments about Requiem by Robert Louis Stevenson

  • Seamus O' Brian (11/13/2016 11:10:00 PM)

    Compelling simplicity of a man facing death, that of all that one may proclaim about the life now ending, the regrets and unfulfilled hopes, the achievements and failures, he simply proclaims his gladness both to live and to die, and to be buried at home. Nothing more, nothing less. Intriguing and discomforting. (Report) Reply

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  • Mizzy ........ (11/13/2016 1:52:00 PM)

    Very compact.....brilliantly written. (Report) Reply

  • Indira Renganathan (11/13/2016 2:36:00 AM)

    special words for his own sounds good as a poem though its content is sorrowful- -10 (Report) Reply

  • Edward Kofi Louis (11/13/2016 1:57:00 AM)

    The grave
    The final journey. Thanks for sharing this poem with us. (Report) Reply

  • Bernard F. Asuncion (11/13/2016 1:34:00 AM)

    Immortal poetry penned in great vision...
    Death is like a slumber which the dead will rise from grave to face the Highest Judge.....
    Thanks for sharing..
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  • Ramesh T A (11/13/2016 12:33:00 AM)

    A great wonder to read a poem like this one by R L Stevenson, very famous for his one single novel, The Treasure Island! Yes, death is the end for all! With the head of a helicopter dragon flies
    Are flying with fluttering gossamer wings!
    It is happening before the rain comes
    And serves as a symptom of coming rains!
    Moths also come in large numbers before rains;
    It is a natural destiny for these flying creatures
    Like the delicate flowers they serve their purposes
    And meet with sure deaths within one night, yes!
    Likewise many land and sea creatures' fortunes
    End very early before they realize themselves!
    For the goats well fed before they meet their ends
    They also don't know and never bother about ends!
    What is the difference between these creatures
    And men in the world as far as their ends in deaths?
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    Kim Barney Kim Barney (11/13/2016 1:12:00 AM)

    Stevenson didn't just write one single novel. In addition to Treasure Island, he also wrote An Inland Voyage, Kidnapped, and others. His most famous book was probably The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

  • (10/22/2016 1:57:00 AM)

    Yuri Mityuk
    About 45 years ago I , when I was fourteen and learnt Enlish at school, I wrote an essay about Stevenson for my English lessons. I ended it with the last words of Requiem. I had the verse only in Russian, so I tried to translate it back to English myself. Now I see that my translation (as I can recall it) was not so bad. (Report) Reply

  • (7/2/2016 6:29:00 PM)

    My father quoted this poem 30 years back when i was in 8th std. But still i was remembering his intellectual approach and style. May Allah Almighty Bless my father and put him Janat ul Firdaus. (Report) Reply

  • (7/2/2016 6:28:00 PM)

    My father quoted this poem 30 years back when i was in 8th std. But still i was remembering his intellectual approach and style. (Report) Reply

  • (5/29/2016 5:22:00 AM)

    My mother quoted this poem frequently when I was growing up. I just read it to her, now in her final hours of hospice care (Report) Reply

  • Rajnish Manga (5/7/2016 12:53:00 PM)

    Lovely poem where the poet fantasizes the scene of his death and the preparations for his burial and for writhing his own epitaph. (Report) Reply

  • (4/23/2016 12:47:00 PM)

    The poets job is to communicate beauty, or honor, or the search for justice or the search for that longed for or the need for help or the hope for the future or the lasting love of devotion or....

    And Stevenson did all those things. God bless you Robert.
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  • Fabrizio Frosini (9/14/2015 5:25:00 PM)

    Here he lies where he longed to be,
    Home is the sailor, home from sea,
    And the hunter home from the hill.

    I've always loved these 3 lines..
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  • Thabani Khumalo (6/16/2015 9:08:00 AM)

    I have a vision to write like this, only if god would bless me enough to.yz (Report) Reply

  • (6/16/2015 1:52:00 AM)

    Read it once,and it will be in ur heart forever. (Report) Reply

  • (3/1/2006 10:56:00 PM)

    Simple, elegant, heart-warming (Report) Reply

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