Farhana Matlib

Rotting Fruits

Selfish fruits
Deceiving fruits
Love they do not
Love is alien

Tools of pleasure
Sack of the cherished
Cold metal heart
Coated in faux fur
Deceitful eyes
Unsalted tears

Foolish child I was
A wonderful fruit before my eyes
Eyes like flames
Blessing to my world
But she was not mine

Unworthy of the name ‘brother'
Disregard of my love
A hole in my heart
Pierced as white crossed my eyes

Shameful being it was
Heart of emptiness
Its love was shared with no one
Not even my fruit

Insects are displeasing
Insects are obstacles
Insects are unworthy
Insects need to be crushed

The fragile form of the insect flailed helplessly
Underneath the elegant headrest
Beautiful sight of red and gold decorations and patterns
Orgasmic sounds of muffled cries

Finally the fruit is mine
Gleaming eyes
Tempting lips
Sensual form
She was all mine
My possession
My obsession
My love

Bells rang as soon as I was of age
My body ached for this arrival
Permission was received
She was mine
To explore
To caress
To embrace
To taste
To abuse
To pound
To cherish
To love

Rest was forbidden
Explosions of energy filled me
As I twitched with excitement
Eyes lustfully locked mine
Erotic shape before me
Legs modestly crossed
Hiding the magical forest of my curiosity

The insect also enjoyed this
The insect stole a taste
A taste of my precious fruit
My fruit needed my cleansing
I planted sweetness
On every inch of the fully ripened fruit
Each and every touch
Pleasured my fruit

My precious fruit glowed before me
It was time
Legs gave permission for my entry
The magical forest spoke to me
It swelled and opened
Pleading for my attention
The forest embraced and thanked me
As my taster explored every inch
Such a sweet taste
As I licked each and every tree

It was ever so grateful
The forest enjoyed my affection
Granting me with oozes of sweet honey
Latching onto my tongue
Disapproving of my exit

My patience reached it's edge
The forest devoured me
My swollen manliness
I eased past the barriers
Savouring the pleasure
Swirling and exploring
Digging and thrusting
Pounding and abusing

Every move brought
Sweet music to my ears

H er face
More beautiful than any painting
Lustful eyes
Shining brighter than the moon
Rosy cheeks
More beautiful than any exotic flower
Small yet plump limps
Seducing my body

Legs desperately crawled over shoulders
Begging for further curiosity
Who could refuse?
Desperately I searched
For the hidden treasure
Not long did I take
Paradise was shortly found
Special gifts were exchanged
For the gratitude between the forest and I

In love was I?
Or in lust was I?

Foolish child I was indeed
Eyes were filled with love
Words of poetry
Love and affection of a cub

Cold, hard metal
Coated in warmth
Beautiful, false words
Unsalted tears
Deceitful eyes
The true nature of fruit

Meaningless it is
Incapable we are
Mere animals
Lusting to release
In every aspect
Every possible way
Disposal of dignity
For selfish intentions
Gaining trust
For selfish intentions
Obtaining fortune

The fruit rotted
Shrivelled and discoloured

My heart
Did not attract the rotten fruit
My attributes
The rotten fruit loved

The red ribbon was cut
The childish game ended
A true man I became
A true King I became

The rotten fruit enjoyed luxury
I desire it
The enjoyment of beautiful lies
Another ripe fruit I found

Magnificent she was
Truly breath-taking
An enjoyable target

Effortless to pleasure
Aroused by money
Allured by meaningless gifts
Swayed by letters
Filled with dishonest poetry

Yet again
I was just a foolish child


Her forest was already discovered
Several times
Several men
Even her brother

Another rotten fruit
Another rotten fruit toyed with me
Indeed, a foolish child I was

This rotten fruit
I disposed of it

Ripe and juicy
Exotic and vibrant
Plump and beautiful

Soon, they dry and shrivel
They discolour
They become hideous

Use it once
Then throw it away

Poem Submitted: Wednesday, October 24, 2012

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