Run Fast My Son, Before It's Too Late Poem by Raghavan Warrier

Run Fast My Son, Before It's Too Late

Rating: 5.0

The plot is hatched and the plan is perfect,
The ruse is made up and the noose is ready.
They are mad, with murder and spite
You are sadly, alone in this fight.

Buck up and take flight
Before it’s too late.
Look for a cover
Before they discover.

Cover your soles
With rubber or rags
Choke your panting
In the vaults of your chest.

They are everywhere and they are watching
Run fast my son, before it’s too late.

The night is long and the alley is dark,
The law is sleeping and the judges are bought.
Life is a mirage fading in distance
Death is dancing, like a shadow behind.
Run fast my son because the daggers are drawn
Keep up your pace, until the break of dawn.

Your mother must be waiting;
Watching for, movement at gate.
Your father must be pacing;
With a storm in his chest.

Evade the hounds, hide in a burrow; Or
they will be crushed, with lifelong sorrow.

Don’t be stupid to turn back and fight
Don’t be foolish to beg for mercy.
They all enjoy, the wriggle of a lamb,
Caught in their midst and helpless to fight.

They have the law, They are too strong
They have the lawyers to cover their wrong.
They can kill, anyone at will,
You are the cheapest, in their long bill.

Run fast my son, hide yourself my son,
I’m confused my son, with fear and sorrow.

Change the story, they have written for you,
Let the damn destiny, make a rare mistake;
Stop those bells, waiting to toll,
Give your life, at least a chance.

The poem is dedicated to a small Muslim boy, chased by a pack of fanatics during a communal riot in a small town in Northern India. I am forced to stop the story here because I am unable to continue.
Thufail Ahmed 06 January 2008

Raghavan....I fully endorse the comments by Patrick and this is one master piece. I could'nt stop my tears. Brilliant my friend.

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Raveendran . 06 January 2008

beautiful, haunting, menacing...

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