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Sadness Forever - Poem by lena clift

Life is hard you never know just how much someone really means to you till there gone Then that's when the hurt starts and the tears fall I'm sorry i ever hurt you and i'll be paying for it the rest of my life by seeing you smile and knowing i wasn't the one to make you do it by seeing you happy and knowing i wasn't the person you were happy with my words are like weapons some ppl say they can pierce through the heart and soul and at any instant make a tear dropp some of my poems are like stories of my life and wrong doings of the love i lost and will never get back bc of me thinking i could have it all and bc of that
I've lost the love of my life the father of my future kids and a life partner words and poems will never show just how unhappy life is without him i everyday thinking of him and knowing i'll can never fully get him back ppl think they know me yet they have no idea what's in my heart ppl will never know my dreams aspirations and loves I've had and lost they only see a peek of what one would show another it sucks bc if they were to see my world they'd see things they wouldn't believe trips around the world spontaneous outings with friends love beyond recogniton and
betrayal beyond any destitution yes i have betrayed the person i felt so dear to and I've lost him with that betrayal hopefully some day soon he'll forgive me maybe a day a yr or maybe he'll never forgive me and he'll carry that with him throughout his whole life and will feel scarred by me i hope that's not the case dont blame everyone for one foolish person bc she didn't know the damage this would cause and know she only knew happiness in your arms and the pain she feels knowing
he's not there will be forever scarred in her heart to know that she will never feel his: -* touch bite hug feel just the warmth of i love you just breaks her down and makes her curl up just know as she's writing this poem write now she's dying a lil more inside just by knowing how bad she hurt you but this isn't about her or her feelings it about how
one love betrayed another and now that love is paying for it with sadness forever.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, April 6, 2008

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