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Sanity (Rap Song) - Poem by Aziz Akrish

Why I'm on Earth, I should die, but before that, I have to make everyone acknowledge me, its me, fucking Toby, thats it TOBY..

[Verse 1]
I am dejected, many people I have affected, and did mistakes because the fucker erected, I was neglected, yet I did not care if anyone detected, my sadness I hide, people never suspect it, they ask me if I'm ok or contended, I guess I wasn't able to hide my depression anymore it is the only thing I protected, yet now I am a loser who writes rhymes just to be fucking respected, just because my heart is nice don't think I cannot be a monster, it is expected, take that to your arm inject it, but is that life really is, heroin, drinking, and unwanted mistakes, if you're not ready to accept the consequences then press on the brakes, otherwise stop making these errors for I am only here to awake, guide you in the darkness for the sake, of god, so if your blind, truth is the thing I will help you find, even though my heart is kind, don't push me but bear in mind, through these rhymes I refined, to send you a message that you can rewind, I am here to remind, but first lets take a journey through the sanity I lost, worry not because I designed, to send you a clear messages through my rhymes.

[Verse 2]
Through my text you'd think I'm sad, truth is I am just mad, at people like my dad, I really don't wish the life you've had, even though mine is shit there are many worse than that, is there anything to this story you want to add? , as Mos Def said 'If you you wanna know how to rhyme you better learn how to add', maybe you can please me and make me glad, but through time I am sane, I have done actions in vain, but I follow them up with actions to gain, hear me now your attention I will attain, every time I feel pain, I go and rap because it is my cocaine, I started to sniff it inhale it and smoke it, can never abstain, I am loyal to this rap game, my bars are not plain, they go faster than a train, I am in this campaign, to explain, what I said in the first place, I am not gonna complain, because that is the main, thing I wanted not to constrain, once you entered my sanity you have lost the part of you that is humane, you have been detained, but thats where you'll walk the one lane, I have shown you the way to the truth you've been when you journeyed in my brain.

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