Wishing For Perfection

Score - Poem by Wishing For Perfection

I wasnt the first
and i wont be the last.
Ive quickly figured out your game.

Seduce the innocent one
The one thats shy at first.
Open up to her
Tell her all your fake secrets.
Make her feel special
Make her feel like she has a purpose.
Tell her shes beautiful
And make her smile when shes sad.

Youve got her trust.

Take her for a walk
Show her your car.
Play your guitar for her
and go for a kiss.

She kissed you back.

Slowly you make it into the car
Gently you kiss her and she kisses back.
You get harder and kiss her with more passion.
Again she kisses back.

Its all going as planned.

You make her way to her pants
And you slowly try to slide you hand in.
She stops and says no.
Youve gone to far.
You appologize and go back to where you were.
Five minuetes later you try again.

She says no again.

Respecting her wishes all you do is kiss
For the time being that is.
You slide your hand up her shirt
And go for her bra.

She doesnt push it away.

Satified with what you got
You slow down and begin to stop.
You sit there and talk with her
Ask her why she said no.
You say you understand
and that it was ok.
You help her out of your car
and carry her to the side.
Kiss her tenderly and she kisses you back.

Shes not mad.

Time has passed by
The game is still going on.
You pull away
and talk to her again.
She says its time.
Time to go back
Weve been gone to long.
Theyll start to wonder...

She doesnt want more.

You respect her wishes
and walk her back
while playing your guitar.
What a gentlmen you are.
You know she wont tell
About that night in the car
Thats the reason why
You chose her anyway.

She stays quiet

A week has passed
You found a new victim.
More willing
Shell do what the other wasnt going to do.
Her standards are lower
So you ignore the other girl.
Who has Higher standards, and is not a whore.

You got everything you ever wanted.

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