Geoffrey Lindau

Sea Empress - Poem by Geoffrey Lindau

A torrent of storms brings rain sweeping across a raging sea of pain and uncertainty,
Thrashing a lone soul with its rage and sorrow,
A soul lost but not alone,
She feels the sea's unrest,
A sea she has known her whole life,
A sea she has come to accept,
Every wave crashes around her as she fights to breath in the future she so rightfully deserves,
This sea her home always provides as much as it takes away,
Trying to keep a balance,
Never too good,
Or too evil,
She feels all of it,
Every dropp of emotion,
Every whirlpool of doubt,
Every tempest of love,
Every wave of hope,
Every particle of the deep vastness of life immerses her,
She swims in currents of absolute feeling,
Her incalculable strength allows her to slice through all obstacles,
Recalling memories to keep her from succumbing to the sea's will,
Billowing clouds unleash endless amounts lighting as she powers toward her future learning from every experience,
Even if her heart almost feels consumed with loneliness from the path that she has taken,
She swims on,
To those that see her as she truly is not who they want her to be,
A soul with an eternally open heart,
Mysterious beauty,
Combined with wisdom and intelligence that make her the key to all doors and all things,
She swims on searching,
Always searching for the one worthy of her gifts,
Clouds shudder and dissipate as the sea calms and waves roll into beds of oysters,
Moonlight illuminates her pale flesh,
Lighting a beacon of loveliness against the black crystal waters,
With a echoing cry joy at the sight of the moon she starts to dance,
A Ballet on the water she arches high in her jump feeling the night air caress her,
She plunges home suddenly surrounded by shadowy shapes,
Squeals of adoration and admiration at her elegant display reveal her smiling brethren,
Countless numbers gather and join in her dance of the heavens,
The Sea rejoices with them in calm stillness,
As her dance ends her journey continues she speeds off as others follow,
Lost but not alone,
She searches her home her truest desire,
Heading the arrow of her destiny others form to her wings as they push towards the freedom of the brightening sunrise,
Her heart fills with hope as she glides across a sea of tranquil consciousness

For you Dolphin, Iris, Bethy you deserve everything you seek

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, May 9, 2010

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