Jordan Josephson

Second Sight - Poem by Jordan Josephson

Second sight

I twirled and rolled and twisted 
I jumped and dragged and fought
But the path was faded, dark 
Too overgrown, I couldn't see

I groped along finding my way 
Stumbling along cursing the day
Why was I hear why was I born
what did this path have for me

I was never clean, the dirt of life
Clung to me, the choices and 
Rocks had left their marks
But I had left mine too

Not good not clean 
Marks that hurt and stung
Ones I never looked back to see
Blinded by my own mind

Then one day, light burst forth
Giving sight to what was long unseen
I cowered and hid....what trickery is this
Yet the flame burned inside me

Closed eyes could still see 
The light had burned in me
I continued on stumbling along
Peaking behind a half cocked eye

On one such peak shock
Shook me to my very core
Outside the path of dark and weeds
A meadow bright, calling me

And as a first.... I stood still
Pondering this new sight
Was there more beyond this path
The dark overgrown I'd always seen

One small step, stumble free
Brought me to see the sight of life anew
A vision of wonder and green 
Light and bright clear and free

I left behind all I ever comprehended
The way to go so overgrown
I knew then without doubt,
I drift, en route a new sight for me

Escape for  myself 
In haste I'm already striding
Only know where I'm at 
Not where I'll be, but I can finally see

But am I running from that... I cannot
back to dark and dirt is not the way
Struggling to put one foot in front 
The way now so clear the path so bright

And still I follow my less perilous path
To wherever it might be leading.
And well it may, onto something new,
And strangely more inviting.'

Poet's Notes about The Poem

This came about one night after a year of personal growth! It's deeper than first's my journey.

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, July 3, 2012

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