Friday, January 3, 2003

Secret Love Comments

Rating: 3.2

Not one kind friendly word!
Wilt thou in chilling silence sit;
Nor through the social hour afford
One cheering smile, or beam of wit?


Jesus Diaz Llorico 06 February 2021

my favorite from Ms Amelia Opie

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Manonton Dalan 25 January 2016

secret love we all have one

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Ratnakar Mandlik 25 January 2016

Amazing poem of clandestine love and longings bestowed by it on one who loves. Thanks for sharing.10 points.

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Girija Vijayan 25 January 2016

The pain behind the rhythm is touching. A very good one!

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* Sunprincess * 27 May 2014 should never be kept secret....cause the one you love may have the same feelings for you....if kept secret and love was never embraced....then it would be a tragedy...

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Francie Lynch 04 April 2014

Hmm. Sounds like he bonked her then left her. Nasty business, and not very empowering. It may even rank with teenage angst.

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Ramesh Rai 04 April 2014

My heart fill with enormous love by this ageless write.

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Richard Blay 04 April 2014

such poems never fails by time and space. classic!

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Thomas Vaughan Jones 04 April 2014

A poem carried forward from 400 years ago. What a place the world must have been for women in those far off days. No matter how they felt, they could not utter a word. When love was thrust upon them, they more or less had to accept providing Papa gave his consent. Yet she expresses herself with a gentle humour and a charming turn of phrase. I hope you lady poets are reading out there. Let's have no more of this Hey Lad. Do you want a girl frend

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Mel Merrill 04 April 2014

I liked it. I applaud your brave use of rhyme and the scholarly way you employ it.

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Carlos Echeverria 04 April 2012

Unbridled passion thwarted by ambition; in this modern age-the roles are inverted. Would a man be brave enough to share his secret love?

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Brenden Lisk 04 April 2012

This poem sucks big dong. You should kill yourself

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Danjosh Zeus 04 April 2012

such a romantic poem.....thumbs up! ...

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Tee''k Aminu 04 April 2011

Nice, long and very creative. I luv d poem so much i wish it was written by me.

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Juan Olivarez 04 April 2011

Excellent poetry, the lamentation of a scorned lover, scorned for a career not another woman, the cruelest blow of all. The pleading of a lover for a bit of attention, and being completely overlooked. Amelie Opie was an excellent poetess.

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Thank you for sharing this awesome write - it's inspired me to add my own ending to the story: And aught of life I dare to define as envy’s suffocating fumes, conspiracy that’s crossed the line to pave the path to many tombs… But I am fine and choose to be to breathe in the air of the truth… To love and live means to be free and swap weary lines for eternal youth…

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Ramesh T A 04 April 2010

Beautifully written poem about a lady's deep love for his counter part's success to fame and the sacrifice she is ready to undergo! This is the mark of real love in life!

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Ripper Moore 04 April 2008

Delightful! Beautiful! So sad! To how many dumb sufferers has Ms. Opie given voice? A poet's (or songwriter's, or playwright's) genius lies in giving expression to life's experience, so that the listener may say 'Yes! That is me! How well am I understood! ' Or possibly 'Oh! Now I comprehend how that person felt! ' I am humbled by this poem's insight, so eloquently expressed.

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Maliha Mirza 04 April 2008

I like it but you shold not write these kind of poem you shold write a good poems

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Moon light 04 April 2007

=) i like tat poem :)

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