Secrets Of Your Heart Poem by Unnikrishnan Sivasankara Menon

Secrets Of Your Heart

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The secrets of your heart
I try to read by my amorous eyes;
the touch of my loving fingers
leaves my message
on your soft papyrus
in the braille of my nails,
by the kiss of my lustful lips
my heart encodes its love songs
in soothing toothmarks.

Still your heart reveals nothing,
does not open its secrets
to my searching fingers
nor to my lips that utter
all the codes of my life,
to my attentive ears
your heart keeps repeating her
enigmatic code
'dubb-lubb, dubb-lubb',
which I fail to decode.

On the other hand,
your soft fingers read
all my secrets on the flesh
of my rib-cage unguarded,
my heart wet in my own tears
reveal all the mysteries
of the turbulent oceans
to the touch of your quivering lips.
the whispers of your silence
reveals that you are wet too
in your own juices,
and all the secrets of which
are for me yet to decipher.


" Amber Piercy has added this poem to her favourites". Thank You, Amber.

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Rob Lamberton 18 December 2022

Attentive ear's hearing even the whispers of silence…not relying on amorphous eyes…straining all the senses…and still a mystery! Unsearchable! Thank you! !

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I am so happy that you enjoyed the poem. Thank You for the invaluable words of appreciation

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fatemeh zolfagharian 17 December 2022

i didn't read it, i felt it and touched it with my fingers. Remarkable! !

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Hi Fatemeh, thank you for sharing your thoughts on the poem

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Thank You, Fatemeh for reading and sharing your thoughts on the poem. Take care

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Miss Grace 16 December 2022

The poem is very wonderfully expressed. It deserve more than 5 stars

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Great endearing observations Thank you

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Your words of wisdom are invaluable to me. Thank You.

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Rebecca Navarre 07 December 2022

P/s I Hope to continue reading soon too, your Amazingly Beautiful series of poems on birds! .. Please take care and Stay Blessed! ..

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Unnikrishnan Sivasankara Menon

Unnikrishnan Sivasankara Menon

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