Friday, January 3, 2003

Sekhmet, The Lion-Headed Goddess Of War Comments

Rating: 3.2

He was the sort of man
who wouldn't hurt a fly.
Many flies are now alive
while he is not.


Margaret Atwood
hntrains 22 April 2021

There are a few good bits in the text, though - such as, 'Maybe there's something in all of this/I missed'. Rewritten, this poem could get somewhere.

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hntrains 22 April 2021

The poem itself falls into paltriness from, 'That's not what I see' onwards. I would not have expected that.

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hntrains 22 April 2021

The video does not play.

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SORRY CANT TELL 11 July 2020


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Britte Ninad 04 March 2020

beautiful war poem penned

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Gabrielle A. Macdonald 22 December 2006

One of her best. Irony full-tilt at the idea of gods and how they are really composed of human wishes and expectations.The last stanza modulates into an un-atwod kind of tenderness - but this too only reflects the desires of the dying (presumably in war)

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