Monday, January 13, 2003

Self-Portrait At 28 Comments

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I know it's a bad title
but I'm giving it to myself as a gift
on a day nearly canceled by sunlight
when the entire hill is approaching


Sylvia Frances Chan 12 February 2020

Superbly created in 1995 and such a remarkable great summing up. All hail to you, David! ! I also wrote at 18-20 and so on, but yours is much much better than my long lost letter (poem) So happy to read your superb poem here. Thank you so much for sharing, David! God's Blessings.

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Marcus.Teresa 01 February 2020

7311 W Cove Ln

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Poetdro 16 August 2019

Plain-spoken and with a depth of feeling that makes you feel like the writer is right beside you. Glad to have discovered Berman's poetry, even if his death revealed it to me. His work will live until we no longer live...

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Donovan L 08 August 2019

I feel horrible only getting around to your poetry after your passing, but It felt wrong not doing it with how much your recent music has touched me. This poem is wonderful, thank you for having written it. RIP David.

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kasturi G 20 January 2019

Very nice one to capture the past 28 years of experiences in life and how you have synthesized it in your internal mind space. Thanks please

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Lopamudra Kajolika 26 September 2017

And the pressure to simulate coolness means not asking when you don't know, which is why kids grow ever more stupid. A nicely penned poem, thanks for the lovely poem shared. 10 for it.

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Roxanne Dubarry 20 June 2017

I just skimmed your poem. I have a group at Compass Health at 11am. It was a very interesting biographical poem for a young man of only 28 years old. I am currently 62 so I guess I am more than a few years ahead of you!

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Angel Dzidula-komla 02 August 2015

My childhood hasn't made good material either mostly being a mulch of white minutes with a few stand out moments,

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Kelly Kurt 07 April 2015

Unbelievably written, David. So very talented

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John Richter 01 April 2015

David, you are a genius...... wow......

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Felt Waist 09 November 2013

i loved the poem and am cryeing! but i didn't understand the part about the finger in jaime mackey's b-hole? /?

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Jaime Mackey 28 March 2013

Hmmm. I read the first few lines. It didn't cpature my attention at all. If he thinks it's a bad title he should change it...but then it's not for I didn't care to read it...I don't care about his negativity or his knife. This poem was going no where. He switched from what his title was which had nothing to do with the main theme of his poem, or at least had nothing to do with the knife in his hand. I don't believe poetry should be judged, but that's because some poetry is just not meant to be read. It is so personal to the person that writes it that it is not meant to be understood, not meant for anyone to be able to glean any good from it, and doesn't care for who might read it. This is one of those poems. It is what it is and it would be a waste of time for anyone to read it, really. At least it is for me.

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Shiroi Risom 29 March 2012

Interesting, brutally honest.....held me till the end!

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John Raubenheimer 29 March 2012

What a wonderful poem. I was held by every word and if it had been twice as long I would have still been gripped to the end... Imagine getting a birthday present like this from your muse.

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Will B 28 March 2012

Interesting Poem, a sort of thinking aloud talking head.I would have probably been tempted to edit it, but perhaps the truth would have been edited as well and that wouldn't do, the truth is everything, when lies are removed.

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Roseann Novak 28 March 2012

Superb! A remarkable poem.

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