Thursday, May 31, 2007

Seven Deadly Sins

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I take pride in what I do
To be less than perfect makes me blue
In this world I know I am the best
No mater what comes I pass each test.
Nothing can beat me I have no fear
I don’t need god or people near
I am the proudest person I know
My ability my charm will flow and flow
They say that pride comes before a fall
I am proud that I ignored them all


I look at other people and I can see
That they always have more and better than me
They seem to get every thing so brand new
But poor old me just has to make do
New cars and clothes computers and all
When I see these things it tears open my soul
One day I will have the things other people get
Until then I will sit here with envy and regret


I eat all the food I find
I always have food on my mind
I eat and I eat both night and day
This feeling of hunger never goes away
O why o why can I not feel full
The craving for food bangs in my skull
My friends say its gluttony
With out my food they do not see the pain that overcomes me
I never invite people to my home
I don’t talk to any one I wont answer the phone
They may ask for some food that is my fear


I crave every one I see
They are just sex objects to me
Play things for my carnal lust
My bit of joy my erotic thrust
I take them use them
With out a thought discard them
When I have had my fill
I am out again looking for another lustful thrill
These things mean nothing to me
It’s my lust that’s important cant you see


I cannot control the anger in me
Such little things set it free
With wrath and rage it has to flow
If I hold back I feel like I will blow
People do not come near me
I have an uncontrolled anger they all see
With rage and anger I often fly
One day some one will die
I cannot control the anger in me
What can I do I can never be free


Every thing I own is MINE! no one can have any of it
I never help or give it away! On my gold and riches I always sit
Why should I help or waste my time
It’s my money yes all mine
They say I am greedy I don’t care
When they see me they always stare
I don’t spend on any thing
I look like a hobo my pants tied up with string
I am one of the richest around
They won’t get my money even when I go under the ground
If there is any way I can its going with me
Yes they are right I am so greedy hehehehe


I don’t do anything, anything at all
I sit all day and that is my goal
There is nothing physically wrong with me
Just so lazy as lazy as can be
To lazy to pray to ideal to move
On my chair is a permanent groove
Legs that I refuse to use I am stuck to my seat
My helper works around me I wont even move my feet
I am trying to work out how not to move my arms
But I can’t stop I have to eat and drink some times
I only have soup to lazy to chew
I am such a sloth I know it so true
Dennis Walker
Jay Hmph 22 January 2009
I like it... You were able to convey a message through each of them... Well done
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Derrick Clark 31 May 2007
this is well excuted, keep it up.great work
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