Faith Stewart

Rookie (May 17th / New Orleans, La.)

Sexual Explosion - Poem by Faith Stewart

Ever since the day we met, there has been this sexual chemistry between us

The sexual chemistry has been strong since the beginning and it has been simply undeniable

Before we actually had sexual intercourse, I'd lust eagerly after you and imagine what it'd be like if we took that step what would happen

The chemistry burned my heart, my mind; stimulating every part of my being which made me lustful of all of your presence

Whenever you'd leave me for a period of time, I'd crave your touch, they way your kiss press up against my lips, and the way your body presses against mine

Our minds, our hearts, and our bodies already performed an unbreakable bond from when we first met, we first held our conversation, and when our bodies first told one another that we loved one another

Before I lay myself to bed at night, I would lust after you and wonder if when our bodies entered one another...

If there'd be a sexual explosion

Our warm bodies leaning in for sexual foreplay, only intensifying the experience, then there'd be kissing up my neck to the cheeks of my face, to both our full lips collapsing on top of one another with just the right amount of one another's warm tongues

As you enter me, I let out a warm sigh into your ear to express my pleasure as you begin to gyrate; to pump in and out of me, exhilerating me, having me beg for more, making my toes curl, and my back arch

Just as I can't take it anymore and am about to surrender to your passionate moves,

I climb on top of you to return the exact same pleasure to you from which I have just received;

I gyrate my hips from left to right carrying you and holding you within me with every move and every twist of my hips of my hips make as you clinch my derriere in a tight grip, eagerly holding on to your explosion, you beg me to stop before it releases but I keep pumping for pleasure of my own and to have you explode with me

One more pump, and there it is...

the Sexual Explosion I'd known we'd had since the day we met, the sexual chemistry that has always been undeniable

The Sexual Explosion that has had me eagerly lusting after you, that I'd imagined, the one that burned my soul, my spirit, my mind, my body

That unbreakable sexual explosion that no one or anything can ever break or tear apart

The Sexual Explosion where you invaded my dreams for this night of passion which turned out to be just as real as the dream itself

The Sexual Explosion that occurs anytime and every time we make love

The Sexual Explosion that makes us One or can Create One - that is the Sexual Explosion I longed for, the Sexual Explosion I knew we had before we actually met, the Sexual that will connect our bodies as magnets for all eternity and infinity and all lifetimes and afterlives

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Poem Submitted: Friday, December 12, 2008

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