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Shame! Oil! Metamorphosis! - Poem by Shireen Ramadan

Exorcise the shrine, metamorphose, I invoke the worms.
I'm the shame ov lord, I'm the exist in a spawn.
Shrine, shame, oil ov brain, hymns ov death in cocoon.
Torture screams in void, the more in meta-scene, the obscene.
I'm the narrow life ov microbe, leprosy, exorcise the oil.
Get it out ov me, choke my fantasies, leprosy.
I'm the trauma, I'm the bulimia, I'm wings in the narrow.
Shaking larva, shrinking, my phase ov death in bizarre game.
Shrine, shame, oil ov brain, my secrets ov change like him.
I'm his needy chrysalis to blame, suffocating, moving, evolving.
Open the splendid, gluttonous bulimia, obsessed with oil.
Vomiting filth in their heads, disorder ov phase, bulimia nervosa.
The trophic life ov faith, I'm the butterfly ov grave.
The sanctuary ov my skin, I'm the narrow shame ov "JESUS SAVE! '.
Inside the no-escape, exorcise the jail, I'm the dead wings.
Bugs in the narrow, prayers ov hollow, in the shrine called life.
Shrine, shame, oil ov brain, my bulimic life in pain.
Seeking sanity in the insane, eating the remain.
Infection, increase, inside, what's left? My end in bizarre game.
Bulimia nervosa, obsessed with eating, the uncanny in his same.
Committing end in light ov no fair, no secrets ov divine care.
I'm the shame ov lord, I'm the noma ov word, I'm not unique.
I'm the secrets ov his slayers, but I eat the weak.
Metamorphosis ov divine from Almighty to son.
The light ov sepulchre, moving the stone, let me die with him.
Buried beside God in void, the more in meta-scene, the obscene.
The arena ov his screams in open, but I'm afraid to cry.
Pretending not to know, stay in hollow, retreat to try.
Create a load ov cross, my symbol ov loss, ultimate death worship.
In the shrine called life, lacerate leprosy, exorcise his nails.
Dig your line, my worm, to the abyss ov grave, take your shape out.
Your holes to survive, you're inside him, drown to the ending down.
Take your shape under, to the core ov torture, to the end ov shame.
To the secrets ov grave, to the plasma ov brains.
To the secrets ov Trinity, to the realm ov noma, to his soul.
To the secrets ov virgin inside her conscience deep hole.
Don't utter her prayers, KERYALYSOON, choke my fantasies & fall.
The changing phase ov Lord, came from the word, in volatile.
Shed your oil, exorcise his nails, to the womb ov earth in fertile.
I'm the shame ov lord, bulimia nervosa; I'm the worm ov noma.
Reluctantly, hungry, the blood ov lechery, on an alter ov stone.
Reliquary ov my sacred words, preserving Trinity.
Religious beliefs in my church ov cancer, lies ov calamity.
Scourge ov change, no cult, no end, no majesty.
Bondage ov necropsy, powers ov dead, ultimate death worship.
The phase ov splendours, gluttonous bulimia, obsessed with oil.
Vomiting filth on their dignity, shaking larva, divine causes.
To my exorcism ov blood, shame, oil, metamorphosis.....

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