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Sharing The World Love - Poem by daniel laurence

Sharing the world love is what we all need to do
This is why I am writing this poem from me to you
There are some people in the world waiting for it to appear
The drunken man needs it rather than being intoxicated with beer

Now let’s talk about some places of the world starting with France
When I went to France I once met a man called lance
I now it sounds stupid how it wouldn’t happen but bear with me
Now let me tell you but lance was blind so we all know he could see

And because of that people said that lance would never love
And that finding someone who could love him would be tough
But I went out about Paris with him spreading the word of his personality
And by the end of the week he found someone despite his disability

Now I think I’ll move on to when I went to Italy and to the capital Rome
Back to the capital of Christianity and where the pope sits on his throne
Where I found a young hopeless catholic by the name of Paul Dove
Who like the others I will tell you of, had a lot of trouble with love

He’d had relationships before but not like his last
He’d loved her and proposed but she rejected him and left him very fast
He felt like his life had just collapsed around him that he had nothing left
But onwards he just managed to keep to going and the rest of his life he kept

But it was to much in the end the went to a high spot to end it
And whilst he was there he was shocked to see at the corner of the building where I sit
I said do you really want to jump off her and so we sat and talked
I don’t know where he is know but I know away from a messy end he walked

And then in my travels I decided id travel to Barcelona
Once again by myself still as a loner
I straight away headed to the beach and whilst I was there I saw trouble
There was a woman drowning losing oxygen almost on her last bubble

Automatically I swam out to save her a bring her back to shore
And when id dived to save her a brought her back up she looked in awe
She looked at me and said I didn’t know there where men like you left
And those are the first words I heard when we met

And she said let me reward you properly when we get back to shore
Little did I know she was a 20 euro whore
She got out of the ocean took me back to the house and stripped to the nude
But I couldn’t do it so I left with the words im not in the mood
And that’s when my journey brought me back home to my England
Where the people are happy whilst the men drink and the youth make a new band
And this is where I felt different as if there was something her for me that Ive now found
And there she was straight in my face and she was speaking her mind rather loud

And I stopped I watched waiting to speak with her
And at the end of the day she stopped faced me and said can I help you good sir
And I replied yes what where you doing just then
And she replied my lord give a brain to these simple men

She said to me Ive been spreading the word of a man who’s helped many in other lands
And I replied who is this man let the information swap hands
And she replied all I know of his name is Daniel Laurence
And his quest for helping people has an amazing endurance

I replied with a smile I my dear am Daniel Laurence
And my quest is the one with the incredible endurance
She was awed in amazement she claimed I love what you’re doing it’s amazing
And she smiled at me with her smile dazzling

And so we talk for the rest of the night
The way we looked at each other was an extraordinary sight
And now where together in a people helping partnership
But also I found her so wonderful were now in a relationship

This shows that even the one helping can’t help them selves
But will always need someone else to help ring there bells
And I just hope that you can follow this story of selflessness
And then help others rather than just helping your selves

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