Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Silence Comments

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The silence after a frenzied riot,
After a terrible shooting fray,
After the noise of neighbors quarrel,
After a furious, explosive day...


Siddartha Montik 14 December 2016

Such wonderful lines of emotion and the truth! We might strive in Silence.. may be that God has this never gave us any language but body Language! Thank you for your thought(s) !

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Siddartha Montik 13 December 2016

Beautiful lines of contemporary and natural issues! Nicely penned and expressed. Thank you for sharing Poet! 10++++!

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Ravi A 07 December 2016

Yes. silence has many faces and phases. You have nicely penned them. The highest level of silence is contemplation sitting on a sea shore or on the courtyard of a church or on the mountains where you and nature are alone besides a brook.

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