Dymiin Stone

Since I'Ve Been Gone - Poem by Dymiin Stone

SiinCe iive been qone
soO muCh has qone wronq
ii knew all alonq
buh ehs nawt where ii belonq
ii thouqht ii found a better plaCe
out here iin these streets
everyday a new faCe
w| out anythiinqq tew eat
ii quess ii'll surviive
thank qod iim stiill aliive
no ordiinary liife iim liiviinqq here
nobody tew Call meh their dear
no bed tew sleep iin
no one tew talk tew
out here every season
no home to qho tew
tiis iis mah reason
soO muCh went on iin tha pass ov mah liife
ii always prayed thiinqq wiill qho rah
untiil ii walked out tiis one niiqht
ii ran away out of siiqht
leaviinqq them people ah home soO tiiqht
ii diidnt Care ii thouqht no rules
3days later ii was Cold && blu
ii had no one tew depend on nawt even yuh
thats wiin ii thouqht tha streets was nawt Cul
ii had baqs under mah eyes
&& ii puh up a fiiqht
tew feed mahself && sleep ah niiqht
poor liittle brother ah home soO hurt
ii diidnt thiink about hiim
ii was Covered iin diirt
Coverners house ii diidnt thiink about eh
Causs ii knew meh && they wiill want meh out quiiCk
riidiinqq tha traiins all day lonq
watChiinqq people as their liife went on
ii had tew run && hiide
from thiis one Creepy quy
he onCe told meh he wiill take hiis thiinqq
&& stiiCk eh iinsiide
&& all liittle meh diid was Cry
ii triied && triied to stay away from tiis dude
buh a few days later he Cauqht meh && went nude
ii triied tew aCt bad && touqh ii was rude
then ii qave up he won
ii leh hiim due wah he due
a few days later he leh meh loose
&& ii ran
not takiinqq any breaths
ii was qlad tew beh qone frum tiis man
my knees so weak ii Can bearly stand
as ii was Crossiinqq tha street
ii qhot knoCked off mah feet
piiCked up by a van
by a stanqe man
ii then had a piimp
siinCe that aCCiident ii walk w| a liimp
many asked how ii qet away
eh wass juss tha thouqht that Came
eh was a luCkey day
whiile ii was out duiinqq mah job
a quy name Bob Came by && told meh tew jump iin
he tooked meh straiiqht tew hiis house tew due hiis thiinq
buh ii thank qod hiis Cell fone ranqed
he stepped out tha room tew take a Call
ii spotted a wiindow on tha wall
ii was soO sCared to qho && esCape
buh tha plan ii had wass soO qreat
soO ii went iintew aCtiion && Cliimbed out
then ii heard that Bob quy shout
ii ran untiil ii thouqh ii was safe
tiill ii found mahself iin another stranqe plaCe
mah piimp nevah found meh untiil tiis day
ii quess we went out separate ways
ii then seen a fren
she told meh tew stay
soO ii wrote a letter home sayiinqq ii was ohkay
eh was months later lass year
this very same day
when ii returned home w| a price tew pay

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 15, 2009

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