Lauren Harris

Rookie (5.18.89 / Riverdale, Ga)

Sinking Darkness - Poem by Lauren Harris

I am slowly falling
Sinking into the darkness
Black surrounds me
I am alone
Away from it all
Down and down I fall
I am slowly sinking to my doom
Death, pain and destruction
I wish I was dead
Memories flood my mind making me cringe
I feel that pain all over again
I can't bvreathe, feel, or even think
All is lost
At some great cost
I ma sinking, into the darkness
Never to return
Death, pain, hate, lust, love...
All hurting me
Like 1,000 knives stabbing me
Blood everywhere
Guts on the floor
Blood splatters on the door
A murder scene is here
Now it is clear
I am to be slaughtered
I am dieing but not dead
Blood splashes on my bed
Hate corrupts my heart
My soul freezes
My heart heats
My blood boils
My mind coils
This shit is nothing, compared to tomorrow
For HELL has yet to show its ugly face
Burned and slashed
Hate comes unknowing and unfogiving
I am still sinking into darkness
'I need help! ' I cry
I don't want to die!
But then I think, I do...
I really do...
I want to die
I want this all to go away
I sink ever deeper
HELL finally comes
Finally it shows its ugly face
I am bent, broken, and destroyed
Beaten, within an inch of my life
But I still live...
I still sink, into this eternal HELL
I am battered and bruised
Blood and cut
Slashed and stabbed
I am not the demon of hatred
I live still in this sinking darkness
In this HELL hole
Never to die, never to leave
I live for eternity
Ferever in pain and shame
Torment covers my souo
I would love to die
I would love to nd it all
But i can't
I live, in pain...
In this nightmare
As it all builds up inside
I wish this nightmare was over
But hten I see...
It is reality
I am sinking, falling, calling, bawling, and yelling
I wish I was dead
I wish this was the end
But no!
I am still here!
Still in HELL! ! !
Help me...
Someone save me..
Save me from it all...
I wish I was in a dream
But then it would be a nightmare
Thati s what this it!
A real nightmare
I can not wake from it
It grabs me and keeps me here
So that I amy never wake and never die
I scream and cry
Let me die...
I wish Iwas home
But it still sink, forever
Into the darkness I fall
My daily routine, my nightmare
Welcome to my nightmare
Welcome to my pain, torment, and hate...
Welcome to my...
Sinking Darkness...


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Poem Submitted: Thursday, March 15, 2007

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