Wado Correa

Rookie (04/03/1982 / Paraty)

Skywalker's Collection - Poem by Wado Correa

Day-out-of-time pulsing by the spheres of nowhere...nowhere men are rising up with their new console to reach the Sun of Galaxies, they are spreading through the Human's poetic evolution their capsule of comologic absortions, they're alert on waiting you.

Today..in the Yellow ritmical seed..let the wind bring its sphere to stretch thy chest, do open your channel towards the invisible and poetical beams of the sun 'aprt from the clouds of greys being...wow...how incredible is receiving Krishna (grey cloud) .

Today, in the crystal screech, we might feel the inner force which are being launched away from our divine pores...that's the code for today..the magic monkey within your countless pores..breathing the majestic condolences towards the simplicity of inhale...

Today, in the last screech of someone...we will hear the origin of ourselves, floating through these last spectral levels of non-spaces and non-times..I do love the screeching when it emerges from that unexpected wave that will heal the last listener..

Today, in the middle of the Blue Abundant Night....the electric touch make sme inspire the core of something I have in the air, in the night, in the coalition of these galactic colors and spectrum...where are the owls, my favourite real friends...sing...

The day of eternity has come, and it brought the last whisper you've sent toward that incandescent horizon...Wow. How much Do we love the color gas in-between the sense of inspiring and expiring powerful spiral full of crystal and lost cels..love to pores

princess..of life...have you ingest the whole and last code of the new breathing....? These air impulses arose from the sphere beyond you sphere of visions and reachs....the storm's year is just spreading its entire core of healing throughout this planet

Here we are..floating, spinnig, swirling through our sphere of considerating exteriorforms of developments.....here we are to redeem ourselves to the the higher spirit of helaing and dance....the spirit of waterfall....the body of the rockshore...love..

Today, the day of the mirror...day of reflecteness, of timelessness, day of swiftness through the long desert of our incrustaded beings...day of shining the deepest sweat, the powerful sorcerer, the reaper of galactic mirrors..the day of screeching a song...

your smile, a sort of poem..a sort unforgettable words.....a kind swiftness steps through the empty desert....a flowering instinct...a last deep breathe.....a smile from all the congruents of 'unexpectedness'....

Princess of East, Here we are to compose the circumpolar bridge in-between our existential poems and beings...here we are to transcend the distance non-between us...here we can feel the source of our magnitudes and flights...our radiance and our heart....

The resonant moon is waiting for our poetic breathe....let's share our divine intuition with everybody..we must spread out our unique benevolence which is settled on giving shining smiles to those solid faces...once you get the rainbow inside..you smile; .

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, March 18, 2006

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