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Sleeping Words - Poem by Dexsta Ray

I don't care about the snares
Never did invite you so you shouldn't be around
I don't care about the trifle
Smite the adulteress
Whoring isn't justified
Satan's kids are just some lies
Hating is to trust the devil
Being enrobed with lust
And owning smut, rose up out of that, crush it when it's frozen up
I wonder how it's going from
Oppressed by a few
With no true substance
To all of a sudden
All want to crush me
And against just Dexsta, I don't roll like that
Want to hold me back
Can't take any credit for my grind
And scratch scratch social media
I'm back
Only forming lines to free myself
They constantly just looking for ways to try degrading me
I don't want to hear
Done it all
Golden spirit, done with ya'll
Let the Spirit shine!
Ain't a way to prove it's not peerless
I don't live according to the wicked or the poison they can spit
Where I'm at
They will never get
So they plot to bring me down and I see it
And I laugh
Because they making all these, to frame a true, but they never win
Miserable within because they lack passion
And that's madness
So I really can't blame them, a tad sad
In the single arrangements
Some are angry since I won't allow the evil, from satan, to overtake me
So I'm lame and all these things, well, we know the truth
My priorities are straight
Just my support
So I have to form another way just to restore my root
Deep down in dungeons, maze
Like some corn
Bring it on, bring it on, bring it on, a patsy
'Cause soon as you get me, you just broke your family
Don't hurt for this one right here
I am so uncanny
Actually, the worst is in the clear, satan's souls are branded
No matter what you do, you cannot
See this…
Physic body, make threats, and you be quick
And I notice that you come
Pass, the dumb
But see it's… nothing to me, I ain't scared, of your extra
I'm prepared for the lesser
Why the devil always bother me? I don't really care, bring the Word to satan's lair
Break a pair of peace signs, what you thinking?
Clearly hating
But they still aren't deprived, of some labels
They orchestrate to see me fall, far behind the curtain, all the things that be involved
Just think if they would spent this time on working
'Stead of being a burden
It ain't working
If you read or not, I ain't going to stop now, I'm a king, I deemed my spot
And even though it may be different, can't deplete my lot
The envious are nothing
In disguises wanting me to drop, but it'll never happen
This is fate, wasn't my plan
But thank the Lord for using my hand
Designed lands
So I take it and ain't nobody stopping, beat me up, shoot me down
But there's no way you'll top me, without consent

What to prove?
SO you just want me to go to jail or die before you satisfied, huh
And um… what did I do to you again?
Uh Uh
Well, I'm staying out here, you know, on what I been own
No man, with evil intentions, I am focused on
I still do my own thing

You made a mistake...

Topic(s) of this poem: truth

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