Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sniffing In The Morning Comments

Rating: 4.5

Put my nose to the cup lip.
And linger awhile.


S Holland
Khairul Ahsan 17 May 2014

A nice poem. Even the flavor is stimulating. 'Then taste, And all troubles fall away, ' - Nicely said, easily felt.

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Sj Holland 22 June 2013

@Ruth Walters I agree re: short poems. I appreciate the epic poem, but honestly, when i see a lo-o-o-ong poem, I keep going. Most of time I just don't feel like reading them, and/or don't have time. And I do like reading a short poem over and over. Just like that swill of smooth java! How expressive you are. Thanks for visiting. Your poems were a delight to read.

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Ruth Walters 22 June 2013

I love short poems because they say so much with so few words that the reader must read them over an over again to taste them properly, just like the taste of a decent cup of coffee that we swill around the mouth to get the full flavour. Thank you so much for your comments on 'Damp Squib' and 'A coffee break' Ruth Walters

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