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Sober My Senses - Poem by Bragg Adocio

Sober my senses

Sometimes I see us dancing to the northern lights, and others I hear us laughing til the morning light, and still others I feel us doing wrong when it feels so right, and still others I feel no attachment to our mortal life.
As I fall into the sky, dive deep into your eyes of dark, but deeply shining, luminescent light, where I feel no pain and I forget all strife, as I cross into another realm like a racing stripe, sit in our inner winner's circle, like protests on 'black and white', I feel like i can be loose but then my lungs get tight, all bark, no bite, these chains ain't light. break missing links with everything but kitchen sinks. This shit ain't right! What happened to my never ending light! ? Why is my life, why are my eyes, suddenly taken from behind! ? What kind of nonsense is this, why am I shouded in darkness! ? What ever happened to my contact high! ? Did I lose contact with the earth, or simply close my eyes and imagine? When I wish to wake up in a mansion, why is it that I wake up in a manger? Why does the me right now seem like a stranger? Please, remind me of a time when I knew who I was! When I knew what I wanted! When what I wanted was you. Beating myself up lookin all black and blue. Snap back to reality, you got shit to do! Seems like you hear me but I don't hear you, I can't see you, I can't feel you, you're not in the room but also watching from the confines of my heart. So close yet worlds apart, because I thought I could really do this. Thought I was prepared but when you think about it, who is? I wanna move way on down to whoville to where all the whos live. I wish my intentions were more potent but, really, who's is? Things just don't make sense down the rabbit hole, and now i'm trapped without a map in my mental holding cell with nothing to do but read write and nap. But insomnia holds my soul, sobering my senses because I'm afraid I might dream again, I'm afraid I might sleep again, I don't want to aspire again because i don't want to fail again, I never want to see again, until I know for certain, without a doubt, that the me I see is me again.

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, August 22, 2010

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