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Sonnet 1: Hypothetical

Rating: 4.8

If freshly cloned, with memories intact
Unable hence to occupy one ground
Our senses would not duplicate exact
the information beaming from around.
A plentitude of photons would collide
(Read physics to explain precisely how)
And steadily our shared thoughts would divide
To render subtle change in either brow.
But over time our paths may fly apart
So how could we be judged by any mind

Should one evolve an ever-loving heart
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James Mullaney 22 February 2012

A very intelligently written sonnet.

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Ramesh T A 19 February 2012

It's doubtful to create ever loving heart by cloning! New thought in nice sonnet is interesting to read and think about!

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Ramesh Rai 13 February 2012

nice sonnet, i liked it

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Paul Brookes 11 April 2015

Wow great sonnet which take the old form and moulds it into the modern not a thee or thou in sight. So hard to write a decent sonnet and you have surpassed here well done Yet sadly I can see we must be built On necessary pangs of senseless guilt. Loved the last two lines so which end this beautifully balanced work Thanks for sharing has inspired me to write a sonnet again

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Captain Cur 12 May 2012

Interesting poem. How would two lives interact and react. Pirate Girl says she would be willing to clone (cleave) me in two with her shark tooth knife, for scientific purposes, of course.

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Martin O'Neill 07 March 2012

The concept of diverging clones evolving separately from a commonality is fascinating and means I should get back to work before I lose myself.......

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Adeline Foster 22 February 2012

You do write deep and well. Read mine - O Dearest Love - Adeline

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Walterrean Salley 22 February 2012

A very interesting sonnet, and thought provoking. Please continue to share your wonderful gift. 10

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