Monday, January 13, 2003

Sonnet 116: Let Me Not To The Marriage Of True Minds Comments

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Let me not to the marriage of true minds
Admit impediments. Love is not love
Which alters when it alteration finds,
Or bends with the remover to remove.


William Shakespeare
Gabby Cromwell 10 March 2018

I love this sonnet. I first started reading Shakespeare yesterday. I am 10 years old.

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Hoodhustler 25 January 2021

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Lungisani Khumalo 03 July 2017

This was my favourite poem in high school,

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Berry 25 January 2021

ur mom was my favourite woman in high school

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Love is eternally made, it never fades, lost neither limited. Once a love is love then it is indeed love which last abs endures all till the end.

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Fabrizio Frosini 17 January 2016

Although in former times this sonnet was almost universally read as a paean to ideal and eternal love, with which all readers could easily identify, adding their own dream of perfection to what they found within it, modern criticism makes it possible to look beneath the idealism and to see some hints of a world which is perhaps slightly more disturbed than the poet pretends. In the first place it is important to see that the sonnet belongs in this place, sandwiched between three which discuss the philosophical question of how love deceives both eye and mind and judgement, and is then followed by four others which attempt to excuse the poet's own unfaithfulness and betrayal of the beloved. Set in such a context it does of course make it appear even more like a battered sea-mark which nevetheless rises above the waves of destruction, for it confronts all the vicissitudes that have afflicted the course of the love described in these sonnets, and declares that, in the final analysis, they are of no account. -

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Fabrizio Frosini 17 January 2016

In addition, despite the idealism, there is an undercurrent of subversion which permeates all. It is ironic that a poem as famous as this should be seized on by the establishment as a declaration of their view of what love should be. Does the establishment view take account of the fact that this is a love poem written by a man to another man, and that the one impediment to their marriage is precisely that, for no church of the time, or scarcely even today, permits a man to marry a man? It is useless to object that Shakespeare is here talking of the marriage of true minds, for the language inevitably draws us to the Christain marriage service and its accompanying ceremonies, and that is a ceremony designed specifically to marry two people, not two abstract Platonic ideals which have decided to be wed. It is almost as if the exclamation 'Oh No! ' in the second quatrain is a recognition of this one great impediment that overhangs all others 'and all alone stands hugely politic'.

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Duncan Stephen 21 November 2015

Typical Shakespeare love poem.

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Meshack Bankole 20 November 2015

Shakespeare rocks me all the time... great sonnet!

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Rajnish Manga 14 February 2015

It is a dazzling gem in the treasure trove of English poetry, courtesy William Shakespeare. And the following line of the sonnet is like a mantra for those in love: Love is not love / Which alters when it alteration finds,

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Reshma Joy 03 December 2014

i loved this poem since the first time i read it! a beautiful definition of love is stated here....

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Brian Jani 26 April 2014

Awesome I like this poem, check mine out

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Fiona Schwartzinoff 19 December 2013

I recite this almost everyday too! It reminds me of Marianne Dashwood and Willoughby from Sense and Sensibility. I love the way Kate Winslet recited this in the rain. How pitifully tragic.

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Declan Mehegan 29 November 2011

Beautiful.I know this off by heart and recite this everyday.

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Sajini G 16 June 2011

It is the poem in which I melt myself. I cant find a definition for love which described already in this sonnet.

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Silver Day 23 March 2010

a great definition of love, this is my ultimate favorite poem ever. i adore william shakespeare. even at my young age. i have not completly understood this poem i do understand most of it.

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Shara D 19 September 2009

Indeed, love is not time's fool! this sonnet simply puts to words the immortality of one true love

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Charlie M 08 August 2009

this is definitely my favourite out of all the Shakespeare Sonnets...and the last two lines are just magic!

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Nieva Tragura 13 July 2009

this the first shakespeare work i've is really lovely and timely.....i do love this's great..

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Nieva Tragura 13 July 2009

this the first shakespeare work i've is really lovely and timely.....i do love this's great..

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Linda M 06 January 2009

This poem helped pave the way to my everlasting belief in true love. It is timeless and strips love down to its truest and most natural form.

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BEAU GOLDEN 15 December 2006

Sonnet 116 has inspired me and comes to me sometimes when i am drunk or just lazily not thinking. Love is not love which alters when it alteration finds! brilliant. THis was the one that started me down this path of writing poems.

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