Thursday, January 1, 2004

Sorrow Of Departure Comments

Rating: 3.4

Red lotus incense fades on
The jeweled curtain. Autumn
Comes again. Gently I open
My silk dress and float alone


Li Ching Chao
Rajnish Manga 13 July 2017

Nothing can be more painful than the parting of a loved one or the fascinating nature. Thanks. Creatures of the same species.... Long for each other. But.... sorrow.... Nothing can make it dissolve One moment.... It is on my eyebrows.... The next, it weighs on my heart.

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M Asim Nehal 16 December 2015

Wonderful line. loved it On the sky under the full Moon that floods the West Chamber. Flowers, after their kind, flutter And scatter. Water after Its nature, when spilt, at last Gathers again in one place.

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Sue Ann Simar 26 July 2008

Line by line, timeless perfection. 'Who can/ Take a letter beyond the clouds? ' 'Creatures of the same species/ Long for each other'

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Zhuli Xin 29 December 2007

It weighs on my heart this motherly love as existence engulfs my faraway homeland show me the light of Return beyond my mountains rivers autumn flowers of qung dong!

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