Brent Terry

Soulmates Forever - Poem by Brent Terry

Some may wonder if a soulmate can be a real thing or not.
Or if it's a sick and twisted novel without conclusion or plot.
If true... then where exactly do they fit in?
Did they skip an important chapter, and not know where to begin.

Many ideas skirt close to it - I'm sure,
Like feelings of deja vu, and having known each other before.
Similar interests.. too make a good ring,
But still not quite it... there's more than those things.

At times you may know each others thoughts without speaking,
Email or phone each other seconds apart from just thinking.
Same religious beliefs are too an added plus,
But dig deeper, shed light, on this mystery we must.

You may know each others needs without even asking,
Care so much for each other... in true love you're basking.
Talk over lunch with only your eyes,
The language of love in quiet disguise.
The first time you met and things were so instantaneous,
And intimate expressions that finale simultaneous.
It's more than this I think we both know,
But easily recall times... like making love in the snow.

It's more enduring in nature, a deeper connection,
Complete love, complete trust, and uninhibited expression.
It's to never get offended or easily provoked,
Would merely waste time, damage, and take toll.

Desires and dreams each day are fulfilled,
Wanting to grow old together your goal and your will.
Stockpiling memories and living without regret,
Caring more about giving, than what each might get.

There are those that will connect so thoughtfully and deeply,
That you know it's beyond just attraction physically.
Meeting half way, and not looking back... even ever,
And knowing that's where, as one, you came together.
As a single life-force with common purpose you see,
Would be the embrace locked in time for eternity.
Devotion to enduring expression of romantic interdependence,
'Soulmates Forever'. Your novels last sentence!

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, December 6, 2007

Poem Edited: Thursday, April 28, 2011

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