Manny Furious

Space Case File #3,657 - Poem by Manny Furious

I had left Angelica's iced tea
next to the jalapenos and banana peppers
in Quiznos
after I had gotten her a small serving of their
not hot
hot sauce.

When I returned for the tea
7 minutes later
the entire restaurant looked at me
with a confused cluster of curiosity
and fear.
'Why has he returned? ' their eyes wondered
'Did something shitty
happen to his order? '
'Is he going to complain about something? '
'Dear god! Someone
blew their nose in his
sandwich! '
Each countenance produced its own
best guess.
The guy working behind the counter
the 'sandwichista'
or 'sandwich artist'
stared at me only momentarily
when I first walked in.
Then averted his eyes
when he thought I might have something to say to him.

When I grabbed the cup of tea
it was as if the front door had been opened
and the musty air of tension
got sucked out of the restaurant
by the car wash
the street.

'Oh! '
all the faces
exclaimed at once,
'He's just a fucking
idiot who forgot
his tea.'

Topic(s) of this poem: food

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Poem Submitted: Sunday, July 13, 2014

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