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**spiritual(To Ccreate A Real Peaceful Mind) Knowledge** - Poem by SAKISABRE Saki

How to make a peaceful Mind:

1. Aim of Zikr is to make Love relation with Allah subhaanu waa TaálaWe have two wings to fly to the Almi-Arwah; one is Aqaid n the other is Amal; we have to strong our aqaid for good amals; we can revolve to the upper sky by the strong two wings: our Pot of knowledge will be increased then only! “ do zikr till you are alive, as only zikr can bring cleanliness to your QaLb” “one who makes zikr and other who doesn’t do; may be compared to living and dead” “ when a group sit to make zikr; the angels of Allah’s Rahmat surround them; Allah’s rahmat Cover them too; Allah’s peace is doused to them; and Allah swt begins to praise about them to His nears like angels or Ambiaah Awh! ” “ the solitary dwellers have gone before; who are the Solitary dwellers yaa Rasool Allah? they are people who did much Zikr”

2.“I stay with him, with my Rahmat & Mugfirat, when one begins Zikr; when he remembers me, I myself remember him too; & when he makes zikr of me in an assembly; I also remember him in the better assembly than he” “& when one advances to me half foot; I advance to him one foot; & when one advances to me one hand; I advance to him three and half hands; one who advances to me on foot; I advance to him by run; & one who comes to me for Mugfirat with sins of the amount of whole world except the sins of shiirk, I meet him with the same amount of forgiveness(mugfirat to meet up his sins) ” “& again i have such servants who do their voluntary worship of me in such an amount after their Farj worships and come so close to me that, i Love him in such a way as I become his ears by which he hears; I become his eyes by which he sees; I become his hands by which he catches; & i become his foot by which he walks; & such servants when they give me a demand to fulfill; I urgently fulfill their demands; & if they ask for shelter; I give them shelter; & even I don’t hesitate to do everything for him; Only I grant his death without his willingness but it is not my liking to harras him” “ shouldn’t I inform you of good deeds that are the best; best to Allah jallah shanhoo; best in the status of good deeds; better than charity of Gold or Silver; better than fighting with Swords with the enemies? Yes hujur, said the sahaba. Hujur sal lal lahoo alaihi wah sallam said that it is ZIKR! ”

3. “one Arabi(illiterate man) came to Rasool SAWS and asked, Who is the best man? Rasool SAWS answered, one is the best who is aged but do good Amals much & good news for him. Then he asked, which Amal(deed) is the best? Rasool saws said, When one Leaves this Life but keeps his tongue fresh by uttering the Zikr of Allah subhanoo waa taála i.e. die uttering the zikr of Allah”
“ When you go to the Gardens of Jannah, then you stay there. Then the sabah asked hujur saws, what are these gardens? Hujur sal lal lahoo alaihi wah sallam said, the assemblies of Jikr! ”
“ Some people sat in an assembly and stood up but didn’t utter Allah swt’s name; They as if sat infront of a dead ass and stood up; they will be harmed and remorsed for this.”
“ Some people sat in an assembly where there was no utterance of zikr of Allah nor praising of Muhammad saws; They surely be harmed and remorsed for this”
“Don’t do unnecessary talks except zikr of Allah; as unnecessary talks harden your Qalb; hard hearted man gets far away from the nearness of Allah”

4.“Who would get the highest honor & status During the kiyaamat? Hujur Sal lal laahu alaihi wah sallam said, Those men and women who do zikr much. Again asked, Who is the Gazi in the Path of Allah? If anyone fight with the kafirs and Moshriks and break their Swords but the status of the zaakirin is much higher than them! ”
“No amal is much purifying than Zikr”
“Shaytan sits on knee in the Qalbs of Human; When one begins to recite zikr, it goes backward but when he avoids zikr, it begins to throw woswaasa”
“I keep association with my servants (with the kindness of rahmat, mugfiraat etc.) when they recite Zikr & their lips throbs”
“There are some angels who always search zaakirins in the roads. When any Group is found, they call others of them to join and cover the group with their wings till the first sky. After the break up, when they go to upper sky, Allah subhaanu waa taála asks them, what my servants were doing? They answer, the servants were reciting your Taasbih, Taaqbir & Hamd. Allah swt asks, have they seen me? No, we swear they haven’t seen you! Had they seen me? Had they seen you, they would be much reciter of your hamd, taasbih & Taqbir! What did they beg for? They begged for Jannat! Have they seen the jannat? No, our Lord, they haven’t! Had they seen the jannat? Lord, they would be more interested to it! From what did they ask for shelter? Lord, they asked for shelter from the jahannam! have they seen the jahannam? No, our Lord, we swear, they haven’t seen it! Had they seen it? They would flee from it much more than now & would fear much! My angels be evidence of my forgiving them! My lord, x y & z had just went to see but didn’t give much time there! Be confident that they are each other's companion & their companions can’t be bad! ”
“There are files to sharpen objects & the File to Clean the Qalb is Zikr”

5. “Recite zikr in such an amount so that people tell you lunatic”“Hello the believers! recite zikr so much in amount & recite the Taasbih in the morning and in the evening”
“Those who are turned to Allah & those who get peace in Allah’s zikr, they are those people who have got the guidance of Allah; Surely zikr of Allah gives peace! ”
“Those who do jihad (work hard for me) , I show them the way to me”
“One who wants to get Allah with heart and soul, Allah swt pulls the person to him too, & one who really turns to Allah with rapt attention, He swt guides him too”
“Zibril Alaihi wah sallam asked, what is Ihsaan? Hujur sal lal lahoo alaihi wah sallam said, do worship of Allah swt in such a way as if, you see him or if you can’t think so, then realize that He swt surely sees you! ”

6.“Certainly there is a piece of flesh in a Human body, when it is in good condition, then the whole body is good; & that when it is bad, the whole body becomes bad; So, remember that is called Qalb of Human! ”
“Remember that the peace of mind is acquired by zikr”
“When a moo-min commits a sin, a black spot is printed on his qalb; When he carrys on sins in this way, his qalb is covered up by black cover or zulmaat; Then his qalb becomes as hard s a stone or more than that”
“Certainly they are moomin, whose qalbs throbs when hears Allah’s zikr...(they begin to weep) ”
“Qalbs of the moomin are the ARSh of Allah”
“Make tawbaah to Allah; I muhammad saws make tawbah to Allah 100 times a day”
“One who weeps for the fear of Allah, his entrance to Jahannam is as impossible as the milk that has been brought out of the breast to enter there”
“When one weeps for the fear of Allah’s punishment, if he again commits a sin, he will be forgiven it till 70 times if he weeps for forgiveness; innahu hooal gwafoorur rwaahim”
“Do zikr in the morning or in the evening, making low sound or silently or with fear or weeping but be careful to be aimless”
“They are the wise who make zikr in standing, sitting or in slumber”

** Latifah is called subtle mouth of the body as for example: - QALB Latifah - its position is two fingers below our left nipple, ROOH Latifah - its position is two fingers below our right nipple, SIIR Latifah - its position is in the middle of our two breasts in the chest, KHAFI Latifah – its position is in the middle of our forehead that we make to touch the ground for giving sizdah, AKHFAH Ltifah - position is in the middle of our head where we got palpitation during our infancy, NAFS Latifah - position is in the Naval root!

**Another point of Latifah is our WHOLE BODY_ Our body is a receiving machine! Fayez enters into our body through specific points & side by side, through the whole body: The whole body has__ AAb Latifah – the watery part of the whole body! AATOSH Latifah - the Heat entity of the whole body! KHAQ Latifah – the earthen part of the body(say-flesh, hair) ! BAAD Latifah _ the existence of the airy matter in the body! KHAWLA Latifah ((our Grand Father Hujur, Imaamut Tariqat Shaykh Burhunuddin Rahmatullahi Alaihi of Farazi Kandi, Uttar Matlab, Chadpur District, BANGLADESH has discovered this Latifah)) - it indicates the Vacuum part in the cells of the body! Zikr of Sultaanul Adhker Sograh / Zikr of Sultaanul Adhker Qubra / moraqaba of Haqiqat –e- Muhammadi & Ahmaadi all are gift of the Imaamut Tariqat RTA!

zikr=remembrance/ fayez= spiritual noor/light/ latifa= subtle mouth of the body

: : : book: : TARIQAT _E_ AHMADIYA _ Published by Abu Ahmad Muhammad Inun Naayem Maddah jil loohul Ali – the present Piir shahib kibla -Salamabad Sharif, Jamalpur Sadr, Bangladesh_ Composed By Alhaj M A RAZZAQ – Printed by: : M R B offset press, New Market, Sherpur, Bangladesh

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