Monday, October 19, 2009

Sport (Alliteration) Comments

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Can you canoe white waters in just a bucket?


Stanley 05 June 2018

This site is good, but these days there are too many Asian Charms dating sites and I am Asian and I am in 6th grade.

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Munia Khan 16 February 2010

'I notice now the notice board too bored to notice.'-....And i need to notice this line in particular to notice how you notice the boring notice board! ! ! Wow! ! ! truly noticeable! ! ! Lovely poem again, , , , , , , , , Have you noticed that my Master?

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Milica Franchi De Luri 19 October 2009

Hi Philip I have to admit, i can't play any of those sports you mention, nor i can watch them on TV. I think there is nothing more boring than watching some of those sports, especially cricket, or car race. I don't mind soccer, if Australia is playing and winning...ha, ha. And you are right TV and sport cover each other.........Thanks for sharing milica

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