Brittney Cornelius

Stardust And Lucidity - Poem by Brittney Cornelius

it is pitch black on this moonless night
the shadows sigh as they exhale a gust of winter
ravaging the barren wasteland that is my cheek
closed eyes
i imagine you standing in front of me
the porch light caresses your face and suddenly
i am very jealous of the porch light
wordless and vast is the space between us
i could mention to you how beautiful the sky is tonight
swollen with stars, as if the atmosphere has gorged itself on them
and hey, speaking of stars, i could tell you how
we are composed of the same atomic material that
stars happen to be composed of.
in other words, we are all made from star dust
though i suspect you have a pinch more than the rest of us
or i could utter those three little words
right into the shell of your ear
in such a way that would make your knees weak
i could do or say so many things
impossible to say or do all
you shiver slightly and before i know it
you're in my arms and i'm in your body
sinking through your skin
and i'm swimming through this sin
savoring the taste of heaven on my tongue
opened eyes
your once-lucid illustration wilts with the warmth on my lips
it's pitch black on this moonless night
and i was imagining you

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, December 9, 2009

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