Mason Word

Status - Poem by Mason Word

What is on my mind
What is up in my life
Why does anyone care
About my pain and strife
People will be who they are
People will do as they do
So why would anyone go to the lengths
To stop caring about them
Only to care about you
Facebook asks me what is in my head
I do not tell it a thing
Other people I often dread
People who think others care
People who don't give others a second thought
What am I thinking
Wouldn't you like to know
If I showed my true feelings
If I told the world what I thought
Then I would be another victim of society
I would be another blot
Another crushed person
By the world and its ways
I would be just another number
In another place of captivity
No one would care
No one would ask what is on my mind
If they did it would be protocol
Just their job
They would not really care a bit inside
People are mean
People are jerks
People do not care
It is the same at school as it is at work
In the world at large every day
People do not care what you think or you say
Everyone's opinion is obsolete
Unless that one has the power to make it complete
We do not really matter
We are all just stats
In this systematic world
We are all just more math
We are the people
We are what makes things run
But the overseers do not care
As long as they remain number one
We need a reboot
Of this world and all of its ways
What is on my mind
Would not bring me praise
But praise is not what I seek
Compliments are not what I desire
I long for change
I am wanting of a fire
A fire to be lit
Under the arse of all those in power
A fire carried by the masses
A fire that holds some real power
I want peace
I want equality for all
I want the people to not be systematically oppressed
I want the same as us all
I am in conflict
A conflict with myself that never ends
I want to speak out
But I also want some resemblance of friends
I want to have a life
I want to be able to set a few lofty goals
I have a dream I want to live
But none of that dream involves the majority of the world
I want to be at peace
I want to have some rest
I want to be the same
I want to not be so different
I am caged in open air
My true being is locked within myself
I dare not show my real face
I dare not let him out
I am in captivity
But yet I am free
Captive of this world and all of its ways
But still amongst others every day
Others that do not listen
Others that do not care
Others that want people to listen
But do not listen to the next man themselves
I am imprisoned
I am chained up within
I just want to be set free
I just want a few real friends
I want people that I can be with
That have like thoughts and like ways
People that also are not like this world
People with which I can say
Say all that I am
Say all that I feel
With no fear of reproach
For only speaking what is real
I do not want to be put down
But I also do not care to be lifted up
I only want what is best
I only want a different world
I want liberty
And true justice for all
One nation under God
And not thinking it is above the world
I want a people
A people that realize what is up
A people that know things are not right
And the people that make all the decisions
Need to shut up
A people that knows
That all that goes on is not fair
A people that realizes
That they have some real power
A people that also does not want any more to be oppressed
A people that also see problems
That need to be addressed
No one really cares what is on my mind
Or any others in that line
No one cares
But yet everyone gripes
We are all controlled by the system
We have no real life
No real life of our own
No where we can find peace
The only resting place for us
Is six foot deep
There is no real American dream
That vision has long passed
There is no hope for a better tomorrow
The powers that currently be
Would never let that pass
Pass into existence
All that needs to exist
Free your mind
Do not resist
Do not deny the inklings
The feeling in your head
That all is not right
That there really is something to dread
No one cares what is on your mind
No one wants to be a prisoner
But in this world we all are confined

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Look at Facebook. Look at me. Look at Facebook. Look back at me. *Writes this poem*

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, August 15, 2012

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