Saturday, September 3, 2016

Story Of My Death Comments

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Last night clock stroked 9: 33
Death knocked the door of my isolated room
As if shrouded around a long dark veil
His guise was hidden behind a dull barrier


Moahammad Maleki
Ging Taping 12 September 2016

death is where our journey ends..we are all next in line no exemption to the rule..a sort of advice don't sleep with full tummy :)

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Unknown Spirit 12 September 2016

thanks for your advice :) not only death but also there are lots of factors lead to the termination of literally life eventhough of surviving vital sign of life in progress. for example despair and disappoinment are the same of factord cause virtual death.

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Unwritten Soul 05 September 2016

Dear, i can understand the point of your view here...but try to bring some positivity in it, , why we lamenting on it while we can still make something from our life, more than just feel injustice or this dissatisfaction, i think we all have think about what is our purpose in this life, there is something there...try to find, you know in a visible light (white light) there are many spectrum inside it that we are blind to see it. Definitely when death is created or life is is not about to complain but to use as we maybe disagree with me dear Maleki, but let we open it bigger..we never can kill death from taking our life, but why dont we live and learn about why we are living since death still not breathing in us yet. Its not a bout how long we live but how much value we added to signify our life :)

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Unwritten Soul 03 September 2016

Death is a shadow of life, it will follow us as long we keep breathing..our breath is like a tickling minute for it.... Dont mind it keep appearing us, well if clock is scaring us, change to sand-glass hour or if it still searching and then disturbing you, put at your room door (I'm now moved out) hhahahaha sorry just joking (last sentence)

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Unknown Spirit 05 September 2016

Death is cultivation of world's atrocity against human being. We could have been eternal and happy but angle of torture has stolen our pure and immortal nature. Death is shadow as you said because its salient feature is still undiscovered. Why a long span of livig? Only a road to death.! ! It is rediculous. Isnt it?

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