Levon Poe

Sublime Division (Poetry Experiment) ' - Poem by Levon Poe

The specifics of the castrated Earth
Met its doom laden demise in dirt.
Bodies sent into hellish realms
Battling hordes of insane men
With even more insane desires,
To vanquish the freedoms of the
lost tribe of mankind.
Killing all the light and life
We each strive to hold in our hearts.
But why do the victims scream so loud?
Did they not ask to have this Constitution?
This law that lead to societies prostitution and
Found so many more dead futures destroyed?
Why must our leaders bitch slap us about?
We trust foolishly and await our own deaths
At the hands of greedy dogs sniffing at our ass
Waiting to get the golden shit we release and
Feed it back to us like Soylent Green.
What monsters do we strive to absolve?
Are they blessed to give the blood of Christ
Using toilet water and the flesh of God
With a Ghoulish flake of skin
From a long diseased altar boys anal cavity?
What matters anymore this land or this life?
When will the grief of the years of poverty
Be lifted like an imprisoning yoke
To make each of us a great Khan in this land.
A land that has been brought and sold
Like a whore thirsting for hit of crack.
Now, Watch the seasons pass
Watch the land wither and burn and freeze.
See the industries fade into nothingness
And the many who dreamed of home and heath
Join the ranks of the homeless and hungry.
While our world leaders
Take Cock to Anus
And we simply say ' More Please'
This is so far beyond what we dreamed.
This is a new hell that we have lived to see.
Trust - GONE
Hope - GONE
Belief in a better tomorrow - GONE
Tomorrow - LONG GONE.
And our blessed leaders living in corporate towers
Plotting the course of this Manifested Destiny.
Still have been only following orders.
Regards of how mad they may be.


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Poem Submitted: Monday, January 28, 2013

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