Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Suicide. Comments

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Suicide, suicide
Your presence is near
Suicide, suicide
I wish you were here


Lisa French
Dark Poet 24 January 2014
This is Beautiful. I understand the struggle, and this just touched my heart [3
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Kirstie Deukett 23 March 2012
This is a really deep poem, your an amazing writter.....
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Cheyenne Newsome 26 February 2012
this is how im feeling right now nothing seems to go right for me.
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Anthony Williams 25 February 2012
Hello Lisa your poem is awesome I'd like to talk to you e mail at anthony126333@Gmail.com
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Nick Woodmansee 11 February 2012
kitty vincent! you are the reason people kill themselves! YOU ARE THE DISGRACE TO THE HUMAN RACE! Lisa french! i know how you feel! don't listen to the lies!
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Kitty Vincent 11 January 2012
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Anonymous 03 September 2019
You are a terrible excuse for a human being. Take your own advice.
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Anonymous 03 September 2019
Take your own advice.
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Jacquitta Knowles 15 December 2011
yyyyyyyyyoooooooooooooo dat s.h.i.t. live i likes dat
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Adler Schroeder 22 August 2011
I understand how you feel... Even I dream of suicide to take me. Many people say that the message is awful, but sometimes we all need a way to release our emotions - and sometimes that 'way' is through poems. I can feel your pain, and I hope that you will be free...
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Kristanna Williams 16 April 2011
this poem is everything i feell....
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I hear your pain and feel it to. But be carfull with what you will do. Do not kill your self only your pen. Look around and you'll see your friends. Dont die not just yet. Your a beautiful girl I bet.
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Anna Gomez 20 April 2010
Hey! im only 14 and i am suicidal. I am emo and I cut myself all the time. SOmetimes itsa life choice! @
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Karen Wolff 18 April 2010
Lisa, suicide is never the answer. I can't believe some of the comments about this being entertaining, or someday you'll be free from problems.These comments make me so sad. Listen I am bipolar suffer from depression and have panic attacks, I know how you feel but trust me killing yourself is not the answer.Tomorrow could be a better day there's so much to live for get to a doctor fast please i really do care and will pray your ok Think about your family and the grief they would never get over. Keep writing but write about hope and goals, places you'd like to visit-write about your future dreams.I'm 49 now its been a hard life but i can still smile and force myself to live love and find happiness I care please care about yourself Medication will help e-mail me if you want to talk I'm sorry your going through this.
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Amy Marie 03 February 2010
I can totally relate to this very entertaining poem. I personify suicide as my imaginery lover ;)
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Allan O 10 November 2009
not an enjoyable read yet not a piece to miss...your concept is wrong but your writing talent is strong...thanks Lisa ~^..^
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Peter Vector 10 November 2009
Suicide, I like it, not necessarily the act itself, but the slightest possibility that you could someday be free of all these problem and people. I feel your pain and embrace; I too once wrote about these things, but me being unstable at the time never convinced myself into any of it, but oh, well I enjoy the poem none the less, it is good to know I'm not the only one out there that may think in this train of thought, and with this said I rate it a 10.
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Anthony Foster 10 November 2009
The poem is good construction the message awful. If you can write poetry like this grab life with both hands and enjoy it.
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Pedro Rubio 10 November 2009
wow. so simple yet has so much meaning. it sucks how suicide can be so near to us at many occasions. yet something always keeps us thinking straight. yet we constantly are going to obstacles that make suicide seem to be a much more peaceful solution. but i tell you this. Dont. hold on. no matter what your going through hold on. good things come to those who wait. keep waiting for better. you'll be happier in the end. lovely poem though.
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