Vladimir Frool

Sunlight Spots - Poem by Vladimir Frool

Sunlight spots

Do not go on sunlight spots -
Of it after all it is sick

Come, come!
Be here as at home.
Sit, look
As here all is not new.
It doesn't matter, that a dirt at you
On boots fashionable.
I begin the story
About subjects disputable …

Room ¹13

It laid,
Having grown weak from thirst,
And over it
The Sun scoffed.
It can
To happen
With everyone
Nobody laughs.

And somewhere,
Where all is fine,
And the same Sun
Buds öâåòêîâ opens,
The girl sonorously laughs,
About what not knowing,
Not knowing,
That in this world,
For it such
Big and cosy,
Not everywhere the such
Good morning.

But also the Earth began
From war nuclear
When also people were not
Also there was nobody to use foul language
And nobody dreamt to be the genius...

Here it has risen and has started wandering.
It has overcome the body.

And somewhere,
Where the Moon blue fire
Two people shines,
Understood suddenly
As it nicely to be together,
For only together
In this world,
Also it is possible to survive.

Do not do an eye big
I not about that.

And he all went
Also saw Mirages:
The finest cities
He left without ñîæàëåíüÿ
Water was necessary to it,
What to extinguish inside ãîðåíüå.
It did not need the sun -
He to drink wanted.
He did not understand - a word of it
He to live wanted,
To love,
To carry out all that,
Of what dreamt,
For what struggled.
Not for the sake of money and praises
It went to the
The treasured purpose...

And somewhere,
Where water
Caressed someone's body.
Where its streams
Did not run anywhere,
People did not understand,
As it is severe,
Its taste
To replace with lemonade.
All drinks of the world
You will not replace
Tangible drink
In desert

There will be troubles
It will reach
It on hands
The sickly body.
He still will sing
About the ìó÷åíüÿõ.

And it goes:
Hands as branches of a cactus,
Eyes have glazed over...

And somewhere,
Where young mum
Feeds the child with the breast
And by a mouth
Milk drips...

But about it then,
And now in desert,
In a heap all pleasures we will collect,
Let's squeeze in these sheets empty,
Can be
Only then we will understand,
What is the Thirst?

Room ¹17

I would like
To wake up in New York
The well-known boss.

I would like
To carry long hair
And to shout on a scene
Terrible voice
Heart-breaking songs.

I wished to be
With that girl together
And in the mornings to admire
As long flexible fingers,
Petals at colours open.

I wished to be
When it open.

I wished to be
All that,
Of what people dream,
But from what
Can refuse

But not that drink of water
In that,
To ill-starred desert,
Where to delirium together with it
For it

And somewhere
In boiling water
Lower Siberian ïåëåìåíè
And then pour out water
Directly on the earth.

I wish to be everywhere!
I want all the nobility!
Even this far
To star a paw to shake.

And somewhere,
On South Pole,
Ice colossuses

And somewhere
By juice are poured.

And someone's plaits
Scissors cut off
Also wish to be beautiful.

I wish to be Water.
I wish to be the Earth.
I wish to be with you happy.

For all of us are uniform
All of us parts
One another,
And together
A single whole.

People yet have not thought up
To it of a word,
But I trust
In that
That there is it.

There is a sky dark blue,
The Earth huge...
The love is all.
Love -
It is the world.

Room ¹22

I would like
To have the city
And to live in it one.
Filling with itself
All streets,
At home and an entrance

Yes, what to speak -
I wish to be
This city

That in the river
Together with the Sun to bathe
And to greet
With itself,
And with itself
To kiss.


And somewhere,
Can be
In a madhouse,
People for a long time
Live in a new fashion
And one Solaris
Speaks to another:
'That you to me have made on the second!
I asked from you a buckwheat cereal.
And you to me any bowl,
Artificial '

To you it is ridiculous,
Frames of a sleeve will not fasten,
You print even.
That from that,
That while on a fence
In expressions unprintable.
But class...

I would like
To be this fence,
When the boy shaggy
Choking with happiness-pain,
Mug someone's draws
Also writes: «the Silly woman! »
He in years will tell:
«I love it! »


Also the God has created the Earth
And to it it became sad.
And people on harm to it
Took and
Have thought up art

And here through billions instants
I creep on desert
Also I write on sand the body
Songs empty.


And somewhere
Someone with someone
Laughed and joked
Also luxuriated in bog
Green crocodile.
Also flitted on branches
Cheerful humming-birds
And people till a dawn
About something spoke.
The car watered
Asphalt water
From the crane …

Drink of water,
One drink of water.
And oils
Twenty grammes!

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