Jaymie Lanera

Take A Chance - Poem by Jaymie Lanera

The wall I built was as strong as a bull,
it was my security blanket against pain.
It was made from the light at the end of the tunnel,
which was always the headlight of an oncoming train.

But sometimes the heart acts on its own,
without considering the mind.
When we're not looking, and happily alone,
it's then that we get what we didnt ask to find.

It's not something I sought,
but something thats found me instead.
For the first time it's not something I fought,
rather it was justified by my head.

I allowed broken bits of yesturdays
to control the present, render the future,
putting my heart in captivity at the start of my day.
I've cracked the code and the answers secure.

Despite the contents of the past,
it has all come together to bring me here
to this present moment with a different forcast.
Everything new and my futures in gear.

Things we dont want to happen but have to accept,
lessons we dont want to know but have to learn,
and people we cant live without but have to let go,
are obstacles in life we cant overturn.

So when your heart is locked in this position,
with low visibility and no way out,
wholeheartedly jump into the ocean,
accepting the risk and challenging the doubts.

Life has hit me with every curve
and pushed my point of vulnerability.
Well I've given up now and wont be disturbed,
I'm leaving it all in the hands of destiny.

However, giving up doesnt mean I'm weak.
Because I'm lucky enough that someone I know
makes words of goodbye so hard to speak,
giving up means i'm strong enough to let go.

The loss comes not by loving,
but by holding back everything within.
The sadest words a mouth can bring,
are only those of what could have been.

It's the love we cant have that hurts the deepest
and always seems to feel the strongest.
Maybe when we finally get the chance,
this will make our love last the longest.

The course of love never has run smoothly.
There is never enough time the first time around,
to get it right or do it painlessly,
but theres always enough time to do it again.

I'm gonna miss you like hell while we're apart,
and though separately we will continue to grow,
we'll stay together in thoughts and at heart,
in dreams of meeting again and memories of not too long ago.

We wont be so far apart, or so it wont seem,
Our pillows can bring us where we belong,
together if we're in each others dreams,
we can play together all night long.

Miles cant separate me from something thats true.
I want to be with you and I am, even though far away,
there is a part of me thats always with you,
and a part of you, with me, that will stay.

Theres no such thing as a perfect ending.
This lesson I learned the hard way.
Poems don't always rhyme and birds dont always sing,
with every silver lining, a touch of grey.
Sometimes stories have alternate endings.

Life is not always extravagant, and love not always resplendent.
I am constantly making changes and taking chances.
I will embrace experience and make the best of every moment,
pursuing everything further than the first glance.

What happens when I leave I'll have to wait and see
But as for now, you've seen my heart, out upon my sleeve.
Please do not dismiss it and promise you wont forget me
because if I thought you ever would
I dont think I'd ever leave.

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Poem Submitted: Monday, February 26, 2007

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