Soma Mukherjee

Tale Of Two Towns - Poem by Soma Mukherjee

This is a story of a girl named Gossip and the boy named Spy.
They both lived in a small town named Me and I.

Gossip was all about going out and having fun,
All she did was making people victim of her malicious pun.

And then our little angel named Spy who was used to having blast,
He too had fun scaring people by digging out and exposing their past.

People of both towns were so sick and tired of them,
But were scared of the parents who were bullies and thought their kids were gem.

One day both the towns decided they have tolerated the nuisance enough,
For both Gossip and Spy had created a lot of heartburn and cough.

Gossip had pulled leg of a loner and teased a young girl entire day,
It was time people stood up for themselves and made her pay.

Spy was not to be left behind and this time his victim was the mayor,
And people were sure no one could save him, no not even his parent’s prayer.

So both the towns decided to have a joint trial in the town hall,
A fair hearing to all the affected parties and then take the call.

Just when it looked like both the kids have been well trapped,
Spy said I want to say something before you decide and have the case wrapped.

Tell me why are you people so angry with us?
It is fun when victim are others but when it’s you, it’s a cuss.

If none of the esteemed panel and others enjoyed what we did,
Why did they then enjoy when we brought out what others hid.

Every person I know likes to hear what others secrets are,
Why did the same people who are complaining today let us go this far?

Follow what you preach is all I have to say,
For we will follow you by what you do, more than ayes and nay.

Every adult in the town hall that day was ashamed and took an oath,
That they will behave and lead with example and let go Gossip and Spy both.

Oh! before I forget, the towns were renamed Spring and Dew,
And the kids, oh they loved their new names, Pink and Blue.

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Poem Edited: Monday, May 23, 2011

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