Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tall, Dark & Handsome Comments

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My coffeepot is my friend.
It's wonderful
In that he asks not
What I can give,


S Holland
Sj Holland 26 September 2013

So glad you enjoyed this coffee poem, Patricia. I also drink tea.

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Patricia Grantham 14 September 2013

Oh how I love tea so much Sandi. I never thought of comparing it that way. But when I think of it, yes I would call it tall, dark and handsome too. Loved this. That's my cup of tea.

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Sj Holland 01 September 2013

Thanks, Brian. Several of my poem titles offer that twist.

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Brian Skyers 30 August 2013

A nice twist to a common phrase..I like this.

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Sj Holland 28 August 2013

@Dave Thank you for reading. So for you SHE'S tall, dark and beautiful, lol!

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Dave Walker 27 August 2013

I'm the same with the teapot. A great poem.

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