Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Teach Me How To Smile Comments

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My son, teach me how to smile.
So many years polluting my soul
I've forgotten how to smile.
I keep a catalogue now


David Blaine
***** ********* 26 June 2006

Excellent first read David! lolBlaine. I was attracted by the title as well as the amusing name, quite magical combination really. Anyway, your poem certainly made me smile. Yes we all wear the painted on mascarading smile, and yet the spontaneous smile is always something that just sneaks up on us, from my experience anyway, and I am queen of smiling at you, Tai around these parts! lol Welcome to PH the land of the highlighted mega bucks words! lol

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Nalini Hebbar 22 June 2006

this poem is lovely...i have forgotten to smile too...the sameness of life can be hard on us...hope our kids too dont forget to smile...nalini

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