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Tears Land On My Pillow - Poem by Esther Rowe

I blink and i feel the tears drizzle down my face. I lay my head low on my pillow and i feel my heart shatter. Its once again broken by the man i once thought i loved. The man that kissed me passionately and the man that held me close, the man that promised me that he'd never hurt me. Yet each time i love my tears land straight on my pillow and my heart becomes engraved by grief and depression stress is the only thing i have to hold close. How could the man i love, cherished and Trust hurt me the way he did. It was another time in history, i was a jew in the concentration camp beaten over and over by love, suffered, treated like shit and each time i lift my guard up it crumbles right back down and so does my soul. Each time i love my tears end up on my pillow. How could the man i gave my everything stare in my eyes and wisper he loves me and then kills me by every word he outters from his lips. They shoot me like bullets from a pistol, stabs me like a bread knife shapened its a blow to my head. Each time i love my heart cripples, it burns and i have no insurance to cover it. Each time i love my heart ends up flattering dying thumping harder and harder by every single words he laid down right infront of me. How could the man i love degrade me, how could the man that once told me he loved me under value my intelluct, Wasnt i once the woman he loved. My hearts flattering, my hearts bombardened by the pain and each time i try to love my tears land on my pillow.

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, April 19, 2012

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