Tetchikhan: A Fireside Chat Poem by Thomas Coston

Tetchikhan: A Fireside Chat

This cavern had all the comforts of home
With a fireplace crackling and sparking aglow,
And hung upon these spacious walls
Were tapestries embroidered to portray histories
Of Tetchikhan and its legends of yore.

A long table set as the room's centerpiece,
Decorated in rich mahogany,
Adorned with ornamental, marble inlay,
Authored a congruence of elegance
That would grace any manor hall
Least of all a dark and damp cavern
Few were allowed to appreciate or admire.

Pertucleas lifted his glass to toast
His most welcomed guest.
He paused for a moment and waited
For their undivided attention
Before he would begin his proposition.
They in turn reciprocated in kind
Not a word spoken, they waited
For their gracious host to salute
Their past successes and those
In the future to which they have planned.

'My friends, we are on the cusp of
Fundamentally transforming Tetchikhan.
The days of being ruled by an entitled elite
Is about to be thrown upon a pyre
To which no one will mourn; no tear shall be shed
For greedy, power-hungry plutocrats.
We, the rightful and deserving class -
We, the ones who make this country work,
Shall grab the reins and steer Tetchikhan on another course.
The bureaucracy, along with our friends,
Will take control and rightly so,
Without us, nothing would get done as everyone knows
Except the plutocrats who look down their noses.'
Pertucleas paused for a moment and took a sip of wine,
'Your Excellency Turbuka, I'm glad to finally meet you in person.
Due to your efforts and that of your master, the king of Turkland,
We've made progress on all fronts that many deemed impossible.
This crisis could never have been manufactured without
The expertise of your agents, and the collectivization
Of immigrants with their diverse languages.
You've molded these people into a fasces bundle,
I salute you, your confederates and our future endeavors.'

Ambassador Turburka wiped his mouth and cleared his throat,
'Your most Honorable Pertucleas, we should from this moment on
Dispense of ceremony and consider ourselves colleagues and friends,
For doesn't this endeavor render us so? We all have the same goal.
Tetchikhan deserves leaders who'll look after its interests.
And the Kingdom of Turland needs a reliable ally to partner with.
There are no better men than the two who sit before me at this table.
I commend Senator Fabius for his endeavors.
He, through his contacts, has practically cornered the grain market
To which the Kingdom of Turkland is more than happy to buy and store.
We will hold this commodity until the time is right
And you the rightful heirs installed as Tetchikhan's heads of state.'

Senator Fabius raised his glass and toasted his accomplices.
'My friends, we've acquired a spectacular percentage
Of grain from freeholders and landed gentry alike.
We were able to buy just above market price.
Through different agents none shall be the wiser
And none can suspect that we are the arbiters.
Parliament will soon convene and those with reputations
Will soon see that they are no longer pillars of the community.
The incorruptible is about to be corrupted
Not by deeds but by innuendo.
And once this righteous man is dispensed
We'll seize Centennius' lands, and he will be done with.

Wednesday, January 26, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: cities,epic,state,corruption,political
This poem is part of a collection about a fictional civilization
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