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Tetchikhan: Ambassador Turburka

The season of invitations for dinners and drinks is here
Convivial relations made to advance careers.
Alliances made for partisan greed;
Factions are what make politicians breathe.
High rhetoric undermined by the ambitions of men
Lies and alliances forged in the dead of the night
Secret compacts made over drinks and hors d'oeuvres
Schemers wait, watch and observe.

Tetchikhan buzzed in the district of nobles,
As politicos flitted from domus to domus.
Parliament's itinerary was published a week ago.
An ambitious agenda for those in the know.
A consulship to be voted upon;
The highest office in Tetchikhan.
A two year term to promote parliament's agenda,
Or undermine it, depending on who's elected.

Senator Fabious was pleasantly pleased
Tonight's dinner went spectacularly well
Both of his guests are great conversationalist
Rogues each, but key to his agenda.
Fabious, a novus homo, in this ancient land
Cunning and ambition is how got where he's at.
Not bad since his father was a minor noble,
But it was by marriage that his career was propelled.
His wife, Desmona, was born to a founder's house.

Fabious directed his guest to the veranda
For a smoke, some drinks and a proposition.
Ambassador Turburka from the kingdom of Turkland
Lumbered into the open air.
His waist complimented his office, along with his appetite.
A veteran diplomat who has bellied many tables.
Decades of negotiations have trebled his chin,
But don't be fooled, a wily reputation precedes him.

Senator Fillibus followed behind.
He stopped along the way for a pot to piss in.
Dinner and drink stained his tunic
A common sight when it comes to this man.
A servant filled their glasses with watered-down wine
Cigars were handed out and lighted.
Each man exhaled smoke and watched it drift away,
As it slowly wafted and dissipated.

Senator Fabious caught the Ambassador's eye
They both acknowledged that now was the time.
'Senator Fillibus, ' his colleague began.
'I must compliment your speech at last year's parliament.
Your argument was succinct and persuasive.
I don't believe I heard a better statesman.
We could use a man of your talents.
Tell me, what can I do to have you join us? '

Fillubus was perplexed.
He mulled over in his mind a speech he might have made.
What could it have been that was so persuasive?
'Yes, why thank you, Senator.' he blurted out.
It was just best to go along and not show any doubt.
'I spent a long time studying that subject.
The people's advocate is what I'm best at.'
He took a long drink and furtively looked about.

'And as the people's advocate, I'm sure you're well
Aware of the grain shortage that has befallen our city.
Parliament must investigate this crisis with an inquiry.
Something has to be done about the current processes
To which our grain, our food supply, is currently under.
We must hold people to account, even those who hold office.
I know certain people have reputations, but that can't be a hindrance.
I have a solution to our problem, and with help from the ambassador,
We can overcome this crisis and ensure this never happens again.'
Fabious nodded to Ambassador Turburka.

'Senator Fillibus, food shortages lead to revolts, if not revolutions.
Turkland needs a stable neighbor. This kind of crisis could spill over.
I know you've been beyond these city walls and have seen the hovels.
Those migrants need to be fed. Those people aren't going anywhere.
Here is our plan: Turkland will make up the grain shortage
At a reasonable price. If certain conditions are met that'll avert
Another crisis. Now, Turkland isn't meddling in Techikhan affairs.
God forbid. What we want is stability and nothing beyond that.'

Senator Fabious butted in, 'We cannot have one man controlling
A huge percentage of the food supply. That kind of power
Can corrupt a mind. Now, we all know Senator Centennius
Is an upstanding man. No one is accusing him of anything.
We just want to ensure that a disinterested body - an agency
Can regulate and perhaps bring stability and comity to Tetchikhan.
We have an experienced bureaucracy who can take care of that.
And a man named Pertucleas is more than competent.'

Senator Fillibus' eyes widened. He knew this man.
First at the Whore's Belly and then at the capitol building.
This bureaucrat's name was popping up everywhere.
Worse, Pertucleas knew all about him and the dirt therein.
How much do they know and what extent are they willing to go.
He felt discomforted, if not trapped.
Senator Fabious and the ambassador knew right then they
Had their man.

'Maybe, you can persuade some of your friends to intercede
On our behalf.' Fabious wrapped his arm around Fillibus' shoulder.
'You know those who have the same kind of interest that you have.
I'm sure they'll see the merits of our plan and the benefits
Bestowed upon our beloved Tetchikhan.'

Fabious escorted his two guests to the door and exchanged goodbyes.
With instructions for his servants to escort them home.
As the Ambassador stumbled down the street,
He glanced across the way, and there in the shadows
By a torch light stood the darkman with a knowing smile.
Saturday, April 3, 2021
Topic(s) of this poem: story,political,cities,dinner,narrative
This poem is part of series about a fictional civilization.

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