Tuesday, May 11, 2010

That Year's Autumn Leaves Comments

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Darling, do you remember that year's autumn leaves?
Perhaps it was your aura, but they were the prettiest and keenest I've ever seen
Strolling through the park, hand in hand, the foliage crunched lightly under our feet
Such a simple, yet transcendent, treat


Dr Antony Theodore 21 October 2018

That year's autumn leaves and you Contentedness shared by us two Harmonic Convergence bestowed on the lucky few Peace of mind that I knew.... autumn leaves and you. a fine and beautiful metapor........ very nice poem of endearing love. tony

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Lauren Sydney 21 January 2016

one of my top 5 for sure...wonderful and inspiring prose. write more! ??

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Dr Antony Theodore 03 December 2015

That year's autumn leaves were you They may not have existed, but it's a metaphor any romantic would die for I would Would you? You are gifted with imagination. use it to write wonderful poems. liked it very much. tony

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Ramesh Rai 25 September 2013

That year's.....................would you? loved this poem. some lines are very touching.

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Dipy Hermonite 25 September 2013

I loved your poem Yoni. Keep up your writing. I have rated the poem. Could you read and rate my poem. Link is given below http: //www.poemhunter.com/contest-vote/your-world-my-lord/ Regards Dipy

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Yoni Assis 21 June 2010

Sherri, this is a sequel to 'Misty, ' and also the second to last 'ryhmers.' 'Where Is She? ' was the last one. 'Ballad of the Power Couple, ' and the three Dialogues were all written afterwards. If you want to check out an amazing poet, do a search on S/J Goldner.

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Sherri Coulter 19 June 2010

A journey of words worth a 10. 'Since you went away the days grow long...' poems and songs...wrong...creative outlet too strong......so true, it saved you.....10/10

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