The Art Of Holding Hands

I. Lip synch

It’s our second date
And at this rate
I feel like I should just escape
Lean in for one second
Frozen In time in this stance
Let our faces crash
And let our tongues dance
Let’s step out of the cradle
And find each other
Lean in, make me a man
Hold my right hand, I’ll help you stand
Save the mattress for our wedding night
Let’s kiss under this moon light
Let’s dance to the falling snow flakes
Right now I just want to enjoy this sight
You in front of me
Close your eyes to seal the moment
Wait until later to tell your friends
They’ll just say you are full of it
Let’s stay here and watch the world end
Kiss me under the ash and snow
Let everyone know
Where you were last night
Covered by my arms, protected from the world
Tell them, you are the luckiest girl
Because you met me.

II. You

You walk in Angelic lines
Music floods the floors you walk
If I had my way
I would hold your hand every time
I would cherish you, protect you
You would walk with me
Down this lonely hallway

You walk in frozen pictures
You beautify everything you walk near
Even on your not so well days
You look like a saint to me

If I had my way with you
You would carry my last name
If only I could be with you
Then maybe I would finally be whole

A gentle piano plays towards my ears
The sun wakes through the holes
But to me, the sun doesn't rise
And the angels don't sing
Until you smile at me

I can't express what I feel for you
Call it crush, lust or love
All I know is I would love you for richer or poor
Because you are an angel from above

On this Valentine’s Day
Make me the happiest man alive
Kiss me under the rain
Fulfill everything my life was deprived

You walk on clouds
You never speak too loud
Your voice sounds like rain drops
Your skin is the color of a field of fresh crops
You stand up right
You’ll land tonight
Inside my dreams
Like a sunset beam
Above my window pane

Your smile is like snowflakes
Across a frozen lake
Glittering at me in perfect form
You look at me and I am reborn

You make the sunset jealous
By your beauty alone
You’re never selfish
And you make the darkest places feel just like home

You make each day a blessing
Each room brightens when you walk near
Each moment with you I caress
You’re the remedy I need, the cure
Too this troubling fear
That all girls are the same
That all girls are whores
Fix my views
Tell me everything and more

Here she comes
To make me sane
To push away the clouds of rain
To erase everything that causes me pain
To clean all my emotional stains
The reason I still smile
Is because I will see you the next day
To tell me in your own special way
That everything is going to be ok

All my money could burn away
It would be all right
As long as I woke next to you the next day
If all my senses failed
And my skin grew pale
If my health failed
But you were still with me
That would be ok
Because that is all I would ever need

The world could end
And all my friends could die
I would mend
And not cry
As long as you held my hand
If only I was your boyfriend

You’re my desire
My weakness
I'm left mire
I'm left in bleakness

You’re everything I could ever ask for
Lips of an angel, heart of one too
Something beautiful I could adore
I can't explain it but I have fallen in love with you

I wish I could never end this letter
I wish I could just tell you how I feel
Something tells me, 'Just go ask her'
Cover my eyes and kneel
Hoping to god that you’re real

Throw this paper down
And run to me
Kiss me on the lips
And set me free

I'll hand you a rose and a box of chocolates
I'll listen to your secrets, place them in a box and lock it
I'll write you a love song and pull the moon from the sky
I have waited for too long, I'll do anything to just make you mine

So I leave you now
Without anymore words or sound
I'll meet you in my dreams tonight
Flying above me, in a dress of white
I pray no one turns on any lights
So I can float with you in the air
It's only a dream but I don't care

Patricia Gale 08 May 2006

I can only think of one thing to say... Holy cow what a write! Wonderful Moments From one dreamer to another Patricia Gale

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Goldy Locks 08 May 2006

it is an art isnt it? & so wonderful when the right boy takes a hold of your hand- you feel a surge of life run through you- thanks for this one. helped me remember those moments. Sus.

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