Friday, January 3, 2003

The Cat's Song Comments

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Mine, says the cat, putting out his paw of darkness.
My lover, my friend, my slave, my toy, says
the cat making on your chest his gesture of drawing
milk from his mother's forgotten breasts.


Marge Piercy
Kumarmani Mahakul 31 May 2020

You feed me, I try to feed you, we are friends, says the cat, although I am more equal than you. Can you leap twenty times the height of your body? Can you run up and down trees? Jump between roofs? ........impressive expression with lofty theme. A brilliant poem having an enchanting expression is well executed.

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Sophie Chalmers 01 December 2017

Lovely poem I liked it a lot.

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Colleen Courtney 18 May 2014

Oh such a lovely write! All I could envision was my beautiful Kitty Girl of eighteen years who did all of this and more so incredibly sweetly. Brought a tear to the eye. Could not have described the ways and styles of a cats life more perfectly!

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John Long 10 January 2014

Interesting! It's very good, but interesting!

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