Theodora (Theo) Onken

Washington State
Theodora (Theo) Onken
Washington State
Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Cats In The Cradle (De Ja' Vu) Comments

Rating: 3.8
I sing to you a sweet lullabye-
And rock your cares away...
A beautiful destiny awaits your hand,
Shaped and formed from Godly Clay...


Theodora (Theo) Onken
Richard Wlodarski 11 July 2017
For the record, Harry Chapin's song of the same title is totally different from this exquisite poem. I love both. And the highest compliment that I can give you, Theo is that this poem is also destined to be a classic. Kudos all the way! ! !
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Theodora Onken 22 April 2017
Thank you so much Kim Barney - i had no idea that you had commented on this older poem. Your review is very much appreciated by me..THank you Ken E. Hall for your very kind words. Thank you Frank James Ryan - i really appreciate your reading my words.Thank you Samantha Belsey. I so appreciate your kind review.THank you Tushar Ray for your taking the time to read and comment.If, i have left any one out i am truly sorry for being so remiss...guess you can blame it on my health over the last few years. i am in declining health - and have good and bad days - i didn't realize that over the past few years that this was being read by so many. Many thanks to you all.
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Kim Barney 27 March 2017
Fantastic choices of words and the way you put them together. Theo, I think you have a masterpiece here!
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Theodora Onken 03 May 2016
Susan, Thank you so much for your very kind words! Coming from a poet such as you is truly an honor. Yes, many of my words are God inspired....believe this comes from my very close relationship with HIM.
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Susan Williams 02 May 2016
Those first four lines- -exquisite! They had me crooning the melody, they held me in the palm of their hand. It amazes me how certain people can create masterpieces from words- -words that really are just letters representing sounds that stand for a noun, a verb, an adjective, an adverb. Yet you can weave magic with words- and you just did.- - - - - - - ] I sing to you a sweet lullabye- And rock your cares away... A beautiful destiny awaits your hand, Shaped and formed from Godly Clay...[- - - - - - - - So so lovely. Felt God-breathed.
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Ken E Hall 09 November 2015
Endearing poem indeed like a song of love in the poetic way and very enjoyable to read...regards
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I Liked the song by Chapin, was it? Even tho' I was & still am into Hard Rock...However, your Cats in The Cradle, I must say with conviction, gives Chapin, or whoever A good run for their $$$, young lady! excellent Work ~FjR~ P.S...While writing this comment, a glitch arose on this site, and suddenly I found myself on the poem right after this one...So, you might see this same comment on the poem after Cats in the Cradle...
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Samantha Belsey 10 April 2015
What a beautiful poem, some gorgeous phrases. 'Dream walking' a favourite of mine, lovely just lovely.
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Deborah Nielens 18 January 2012
i am wondering if you are the original poem writer to the cats in the cradle that harry chapin wrote the music to for his song years ago? please let me know. thank you.
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Theodora Onken 06 September 2007
Diane, Thank you so very much! Your words are so kind. My best to you, Theo
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Diane Violet 06 September 2007
This is beautiful Theo, I can see the string and the shapes it forms in you loving words................All the best, Diane
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Meggie Gultiano 05 September 2007
This is sooo lovely and sweet Theo! can i make a song out of it? hope you can hear me singing to the accompaniment of my guitar! lovely..just love it.. love and hugs, Meggie
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Francesca Johnson 05 September 2007
Not only a beautiful poem, Theo, but some loving comments to read as well! As for the cat's cradle, what a great analogy. Changing the shape and then passing on, the other person taking the string carefully and changing its shape further and then passing it back to you. Like life, where the love you give out comes back to you..... Love, Fran xx
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Theodora Onken 05 September 2007
Michael, You have got mail! Theo
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Michael Buhagiar 05 September 2007
Hi Theo, this is a profound and beautiful poem. I'd like to know the scenario behind it. You are a beautiful person I think. Cheers Michael
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Theodora Onken 05 September 2007
Marci, you are too sweet! Yes, i remember the song well. You and i are of the same age group! Lol! It is also a game using thread or string and the hands. i love, love music, and have written dozens and dozens of songs...just have not done anything with them...they are laying here in notebooks! it is in my blood, like writing stories, and poetry, and cooking, and well, i am just into a lot! You, my dear, have a heart as huge as the Sun! Your poetry on this site is a gift to all of us! We are blessed to have you sweet Marci! Love, Theo :)
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x... x... 05 September 2007
Why do so many of your poems make me break out in song? Perhaps because music is also my passion and your words express it so well....You do know the song 'And The Cat's In the Cradle etc', do you not? ? ? I've saved this one pour moi..I may read it to the wee ones in ILL. between the tenth and the nineteenth. Oh Theodora, this is so lovely, it should be a, marci.xo
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