Friday, January 3, 2003

The City Planners Comments

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Cruising these residential Sunday
streets in dry August sunlight:
what offends us is
the sanities:


sac 27 October 2021

u bugers r wrong this poem gives u a good meaning and u stupid ppl cant understand thts the prob

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Derick Nazareth 15 November 2020

one of the literacy devices used is imagery. this would help the reader to picture the scenario going on. “Cruising these residential” the reader makes it seem like everything is calm and peaceful.

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om sonar 17 September 2020

this poem is not difficult but it's meanings are stranger.

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No name 24 August 2021

You are correct

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Jake. 29 January 2019

English is hard and this makes it harder

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Richard Paulson 02 May 2018

After reading a few of Margaret Atwood's 'poems', I see that they are not poems. At best they are poetic prose. This is like so much of what is called poetry since the 20th century. I attended a poetry slam recently and I doubt if there were any poems. Perhaps one or two, but my attention strayed. And one poor soul, I thought, how sad that he memorised his said 'poem' as he spouted it with a rap style voice.

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nick meletopoulos 10 March 2020

i agree indeed.

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jimmy 15 February 2018

this poem is the worst thing i have ever read.

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biggest boy 31 January 2020

your the worst thing ive ever read

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Nick Gurh 31 January 2020

im single and wont disappoint

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big mamma 08 December 2020

wow but your right

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Ashley Wright 24 January 2008

hey i thought it was a good poem.

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Ashley Wright 17 January 2008

hi good day to meet you

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keys 21 November 2021


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